Planning A Trip To Hawaii In December? Here’s What You Should Know

Planning A Trip To Hawaii In December? Here’s What You Should Know

Planning a Trip to Hawaii in December? Here's What You Should Know 

Hawaii is among the most popular tourist destinations, especially for water lovers. The archipelago state is famed for having heavenly weather throughout the year, not forgetting the beautiful islands, lots of sandy beaches, and plenty of activities to embark on. Many people, however, love touring Hawaii around the holiday season.

So, have you decided to take a vacation to Hawaii this holiday season? If that sounds like you, here are some things you should know.

Expect Warm and Wet Weather 

As earlier mentioned, Hawaii boasts warm vacation-friendly weather almost all year round. During the day, temperatures are often around the low 80s F, dipping a bit lower to the 60s F during the evenings. Both air temperatures and ocean temperatures are just heavenly. If you’re planning on visiting Hawaii in December, it’s a bit different. Dec is typically the wettest month in the Aloha Islands apart from Hawaii's Big Island.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t necessarily mean it rains throughout. Make sure to come prepared with a waterproof jacket alongside a small umbrella to protect yourself just in case it rains. You can also use reputed weather apps to guide you when packing for your Hawaii trip.

Companion Fares Can Help You Save Money 

The flights to Hawaii can be really expensive from anywhere on the Mainland. One of the tricks you can use to save on air travel is through leveraging companion fare. Some credit cards like the Alaska Airlines credit card offer such deals, which is basically a BOGO deal for plane tickets. Alaska Airlines has a ton of direct flights to all the main Hawaiian Islands and they offer competitive rates.

The Cost of a Hawaii Trip 

Is it cheaper or more expensive to visit Hawaii in December? This is a common question asked by many vacationers as they plan a Hawaii visit. According to surveys of Hawaii hotel rates, December begins quite inexpensively and then skyrockets during the holidays to the most costly rates of the year.

Basically, the first two weeks of December are cheaper than the last two weeks that fall around Christmas and New Year’s. Airfares are typically higher when traveling during the holidays. The overall cost, however, will depend on various factors, including air travel, where you choose to stay, where you take your meals, and the activities you partake in.

Accommodation: Hotel vs. condo

Not only are there some wonderful resorts in Hawaii, but there are also a plethora of condominiums and vacation rental properties available throughout the Aloha Islands. In Hawaii, there are several advantages and disadvantages of vacationing in a condo vs. a hotel. Condos are a wonderful alternative if you want to save money by preparing your own meals or if you want a property with separate bedrooms.

Hotels, on the other hand, frequently feature on-site eateries, kid-friendly amenities, fantastic pools, and perhaps even a luau. Some even provide Hawaii vacation packages that are really affordable. There are even condo possibilities available at certain resorts, so there's a lot to discover!

Expect Some Crowding 

Is it a busy time to visit Hawaii in December? – This question is also quite common and has two correct answers: no and yes. In Hawaii, the first few weeks of December are rather quiet. Then, beginning around December 20th and lasting until the end of the month, visitors flood to Hawaii to enjoy the holidays.

Plan Your Activities 

As mentioned earlier, Hawaii boasts a plethora of fun-filled activities you can indulge in. This brings in the need to plan your activities and itinerary well before boarding your flight. Here’s an overview of wonderful activities you can enjoy during your vacation on these fantastic islands.  

  • Surfing: If you love surfing, you have more than a few reasons to take a December tour to Hawaii. It’s called the surfer’s paradise for a reason. Oahu’s North Shore particularly has lots of large waves in the holiday month, making it a great attraction for beach activity lovers this season.
  • Swimming: If you’re a swimming enthusiast, head over to Maui’s western shores and you won’t regret it.
  • Snorkeling: Are you up for an underwater adventure? December can be a great time to go snorkeling in Hawaii, thanks to the beautiful weather and warm temperatures. 
  • Fishing: Located on the big island’s western coastline, Kailua-Kona specifically offers lots of deep-sea fishing opportunities
  • Watching Wildlife- You can also catch a glimpse of whales as you enjoy the beautiful natural features and majestic weather of Hawaii. In December, lots of them migrate here from the Gulf Coast in December.

In a nutshell, a December visit to Hawaii can be full of fun and memorable. As long as you plan well in advance, you should come out of the trip full of zeal to face January head-on. Be sure to keep the above tips in mind.