Instagram stories as a powerful tool for warming up audience and sales

Instagram stories as a powerful tool for warming up audience and sales

It's no secret that promoting Instagram is a priority task for online entrepreneurs. Some people work to increase the audience and often buy Instagram followers, set up advertising, and promote posts. An important point is the involvement of the current audience. Now stories become the main information unit. In this article, you will find methods on how to improve the content of your stories. This is interesting for information businessmen who launch their products, for people who sell their services, for all those who shoot stories and use storytelling in their content. An important step is to use such warming up before the start of sales or before the start of some event. It is a powerful attraction tool especially when you are in a highly competitive market.

How to create selling stories?

According to statistics, people perceive the format of stories easier and more freely. First, the story should have a specific goal for you and for the viewer. For example, you are shooting backstage. For you, it is the formation of the image of an expert, the development of a personal brand, and a way to show how the company works, for the audience, it is useful information.

In the structure of stories, use 3 stages: intrigue, useful content, a call to action, or a question. People's responses increase your reach.

Your presence in Stories is the best option. Since Stories is a sub-active format, there should be an author's approach.

Use different duration. An informative format takes 15 seconds where people perform targeted actions: follow the links, register, leave applications.

You can shoot the length of a series of stories where the video will be cut for 15 seconds, but at the same time, the information should be structured and concentrated.

Movement is an important element, so try to work on many layers: text, voice, visual. The dynamic is important so that the picture changes, it allows you to keep your attention. If you are telling, then you need to duplicate key messages in the inscriptions. This is often neglected.

An important element of interactive, two-way communication. This format allows people to contact you. In addition to involvement, this also fulfills an important technical role, this is the second criterion by which the Instagram algorithm works.

Where do you need to start?

Stories are a tool to warm up an existing audience. If you have a small audience at the moment, you can buy real Instagram followers by creating a picture of popularity. This will trigger an organic scaling process as people react to activity metrics.

People who have been shooting stories for about a year, already have this skill. It is easier for them to shoot. At the initial stage, you don't have to adhere to perfectionism because you have to work out this quantity and then work on quality.

You need to have an emotional connection with the audience to feel so that it resonates, otherwise, your sales will fail. The main mistake is to follow the content plan like a robot. Keep in mind the technicalities are secondary, the main link is you.