How To Take Care of Your Hair Like A Celebrity

How To Take Care of Your Hair Like A Celebrity

How To Take Care of Your Hair Like A Celebrity

Celebrities are constantly re-styling and dying their hair and yet they seem to still have perfectly healthy locks. Obviously, they have a professional stylist on their team and lots of expensive hair care treatments to keep their hair looking glamorous. 

However, if that seems like a luxury, we got you covered. We offer plenty of thrifty hair care secrets to get your own red-carpet-worthy locks without spending too much on salons and expensive products. 

  • No To Over-washing

If you think celebs wash their hair daily, think again. They’re not lazy or anything, it’s just that sticking to a consistent hair washing routine won’t do your hair any favors. 

Most people like to wash their hair every single day so that they feel it’s shiny, healthy, and clean. However, daily washing strips the hair of the sebum layer, leaving hair raw and prone to frizz and tangles. 

As a rule of thumb, it’s ideal to wash your hair at least twice a week in order to get rid of scalp buildup. Consider using a hair conditioner if you’re not shampooing for the day.

  • Skip The Hot Water

When washing your hair try to dial back the temperature of your shower. This is one cardinal rule that all celeb hairstylists swear by. 

Hot water strips off the natural oils from your scalp, leaving it flaky and dry. It also makes your roots weak, leaving you with frizzy hair. Plus, it makes your hair overly porous which results in brittleness, breakage, and flyaway. 

With that said, warm water is okay for wetting the hair only. It helps get rid of any build-up, grime, and dirt, cleaning the hair and unclogging your pores. It also stimulates blood flow to the follicles, encouraging hair growth. After you shampooed or applied a conditioner, rinse it off with cool water. This should seal your cuticles, ensuring that your scalp remains cleaner and less vulnerable to oil, grease, and dirt, and gives it an extra shine. 

  • Don’t Skimp On Vitamins

Good nutrition is important for shiny, luscious, and strong hair. Numerous celebrities advocate taking minerals and vitamins to boost their beauty and overall health. Jennifer Aniston, Katy Perry, and Gwyneth Paltrow are some of the celebrities who swear by taking vitamins and also happen to have beautiful hair. 

Perhaps the most essential vitamin for healthy hair is biotin or vitamin B7. Various studies confirm its role in improving hair health. It helps in the synthesis of proteins, particularly keratin, which is the major component of hair. This helps reduce thinning hair, improve texture, and strengthen the hair shaft. As a bonus, it also helps in pampering your skin thanks to its moisturizing qualities. 

The best way to get enough biotin is to eat a healthy, balanced diet. Nuts and milk are the top sources of biotin. However, if you feel like your diet is lacking this nutrient, then you could always take supplements. 

  • Keep It Protected

Repeated styling and blow drying can really take a toll on your hair, resulting in brittle or dry strands and increasing breakage. So, how do celebs get away with changing their styles so frequently and yet still have great-looking hair? They use protective hair care products. 

It’s important to use a protective serum, such as revela, when heat styling or blow-drying.  Nevertheless, before you begin using it, make sure to read the revela review to learn how it is effective. Also, moisturizing products such as coconut oil and argan oil can help combat dry ends. 

If you can, always wear a hat during the summer months in order to protect your hairdo from the damage caused by the hot sun. 

  • Ditch The Curling Tongs

If you want to get the perfect curls and waves, heat curling tongs are a perfect choice. However, such intense heat in close contact with your hair can increase breakage and leave it looking dry and less luscious over time. 

This is why most celebrities prefer to use the good, old-fashioned rollers instead, including Emma Stone and Oprah Fergie. 

  • Fake It

If you think a celebrity’s hair looks too nice to be real, it probably is. Most celebs are big fans of using hairpieces and wigs to change their style without causing unnecessary damage. For instance, Naomi Campbell used hair extensions for years causing her hair to get damaged. Since then, she become more cautious and isn’t embarrassed to admit that she’s wearing wigs too. 

Other than hiding or preventing damage, wigs also allow you to change your style without committing to a dye job or drastic cut. 


There you have it, if you wish to get the gorgeous hair of an A-lister, follow the above tips to pamper your locks to perfection, making you feel and look glamorous every single day!