How to save money on your 2022 getaway

How to save money on your 2022 getaway

How to save money on your 2022 getaway

It would be fair to say that travel plans have been somewhat up in the air (pardon the pun) over more recent times. However, with the end of 2021 now just several months away, many of us are casting our attention to holiday plans for the next calendar year.

Clearly, things are going to be different. Already, we're seeing some leading figures in the travel industry suggest that costs will be higher than before, for a variety of reasons.

Based on this, we are now going to take a look at some of the ways you can approach your 2022 holiday plans with a moneysaving attitude. Here goes...

The school holiday rules will still exist

It doesn't matter what year in which we pen this article, the same rules in relation to school holidays are still going to exist. Most families are just itching to get away following recent events, and this already means that demand is through the roof. When school holidays arrive, this demand moves up a notch again, and the famous supply and demand curve means that this plays right into the hands of huge accommodation and flight costs.

Unfortunately, while you can sometimes find the odd travel hack to overcome these high costs, in general there is little you can do. Instead, try and shop around and be more flexible with dates.

It's not just about booking your holiday early

Again, following recent events, the whole travel industry is up in the air. It means that getting in there and booking early for everything can help you no-end. Whether it is airport transfers or even getting annual travel insurance for a whole host of trips,  try and make your purchases early before these companies are met by an influx of eager travelers. As we've already said, this is an industry which sticks to the supply and demand principals to a tee - so get in there before the D-factor gets too high.

Weigh up the self-catering conundrum

You may have never embarked on a self-catering holiday, but 2022 looks set to be the year of change.

As we have unfortunately been reminded about in the media, many businesses have had to adapt through the past 18 months and the result has been that a lot no longer exist.

Restaurants fall into this category and there may not be as much choice as there once was. This can mean that there are fewer eating establishments in an area and as such, prices can be higher.

Could this be the year that you take care of things and cater for yourself? Weigh up the situation as it could be a big money-saver.

The baggage rules are changing

Several years ago, most airlines allowed you to take around 10kg of carry-on baggage with a standard seat purchase. Unfortunately, these options are now dwindling.

Most charge for anything that resembles something bigger than a supermarket carrier bag – and this means that you need to be shrewder than ever before with your packing strategy.