Face Cleansing 101- Best Face Wash for Oily Skin

Face Cleansing 101- Best Face Wash for Oily Skin

Face Cleansing 101: Best Face Wash for Oily Skin      

It is quite difficult to choose skincare products when it comes to oily skin. First, you need to handpick ingredients to ensure that the excess oil lingering on the surface of your skin is wiped off easily. Moreover, you need to constantly cleanse your face and try to use a face wash that can help control the secretion of oil. This will enable you to get the glowing look you desire without calling for an unwanted greasy texture. So, how about we explore further and discover the best face wash for oily skin that you can pick up both online and at your nearest retail store? Let’s roll then! 

There are so many varieties and brands available in the market when buying a face wash for oily skin. So, instead of hovering around and guesstimating, we decided to take a far more professional approach. We reached out to skincare experts and beauty influencers who have oily skin. Based on our interaction with them, we learned that using a face wash that is boosted with natural components is a boon. This is how we were introduced to the ranges of face washes from Mamaearth, and we got to pick the best face wash for oily skin from this brand itself. Thus, without further ado, we would like to introduce a few face washes from the house of Mamaearth that can transform your oil skin and give you an oil-free, glowing look. 

Tea Tree Face Wash: 

Based on research, the skincare industry has found that the tea tree is a wonderful ingredient for treating oily skin. Thus, how can it be possible that a trusted brand like Mamaearth will not consider this advantage? Hence, Mamaearth has come up with the Tea Tree Face Wash, one of India's best face washes for oily skin. 

Key Ingredients:

  • Tea Tree: Tea tree essential oil is known for possessing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This celebrated ingredient helps to prevent the growth of those bacteria that cause acne. It helps keep the pores disinfected, reduces the appearance of scars, and cures any swelling.
  • Neem: It is of great medicinal value owing to its antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. It acts as a shield on the skin and protects the skin from damages caused by the reaction of free radicals. This ingredient also helps to curb the growth of bacteria on the skin. 
  • Salicylic Acid: This is a fantastic ingredient for acne-prone skin as it helps in absorbing excess sebum. Salicylic acid is the guard against blackheads' breakout and cures blemishes. This is how it acts upon the skin to develop the texture and appearance. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Gentle Cleansing: The biggest purpose of any face wash for oily skin is to keep the skin clean and fresh. This role is executed by the Mamaearth Tea Tree Face Wash quite well. The presence of salicylic acid further acts as an exfoliant and removes dirt, grease, and oil droplets from the skin's surface, leaving the skin clearer and smooth. 
  • Oil Control: The Tree Face Wash from Mamaearth helps restore essential oils and cleanses the excess and unwanted oil droplets from the skin. This formula also keeps acne, pimples, and blemishes at bay. This helps in restoring the brightness and clarity of the skin. 
  • Prevents Bacterial Growth: Bacteria feed on excess oil to breakouts of acne. Thus, this face wash for oily skin kills bacteria and checks acne formation. At the same time, the food for bacteria, grease, is wiped off the face, and the skin can revive its oil-free appearance. 

Charcoal Face Wash: 

Another great face wash for oily skin from Mamaearth is the Charcoal Face Wash. This face wash helps eradicate dullness from the skin and restores nourishment while removing excess oil. Let us take a look at the ingredients that boost this process and the benefits you can receive while using this face wash for oily skin.

Key Ingredients: 

  • Activated Charcoal: When charcoal is heated under a high flame, a powder-like substance is formed, known as activated charcoal. This substance has pores in its composition. These pores help in trapping excess oil and dirt particles present on the skin's surface. This is how it deep cleanses the pores on the skin surface.
  • Aloe Vera: If the excess oil is stripped of the skin, how can the skin restore the nourishment that is needed? Aloe vera comes into play here. It has anti-oxidative properties, and it keeps the skin calm and soothing while imparting nourishment and hydration. It also helps in curing skin irritations. 
  • Coffee: Coffee is excellent for tightening the pores and reversing sun damage. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties help improve the evenness of skin tone and help impart soothing effects. 

Key Benefits:  

  • Clears Skin and Pores: The job of activated charcoal is to ensure that every drop of excess oil is trapped and removed from your face. The face wash formula also helps unclog the pores and keep them clean. This is done without removing the essential oils that nourish and hydrate the skin. 
  • Check Pollution Damage: You often may go out, and your skin will get exposed to excessive pollution. The Charcoal Face Wash from Mamaearth will help you get rid of such toxicity by entrapping and removing dirt particles, grease, oil droplets, and more. This will help in clearing the skin from within. 
  • Curbs Skin Toxicity: Detoxification of the skin is an important process that can be achieved with the help of the Charcoal Face Wash from Mamaearth. This formula helps to remove toxicity from the skin and keeps the skin fresh and hydrated. 

Well, that explains why the experts suggested that the two face washes from Mamaearth, namely, the Tea Tree Face Wash and Charcoal Face Wash, have gained such popularity. Indeed, the handpicked natural ingredients justify the goodness in the formula. Even better is that harmful chemicals like parabens, ammonia, SLS, and more are not used while making these products. Even adulterations like the addition of colour and fragrance are discarded. That is why these products are safe to use, as enunciated by the MadeSafe Certification given alongside. 

So, dear readers, we hope you like these suggestions, and you will try them out soon. Trust us when we say this: use any of these face washes for oily skin from Mamaearth at least twice a day and use an oil-free moisturizer with this. You will feel the difference and be happy about the oil-free, clean, and glowing skin that you will develop very soon. So, wait no more and welcome your new best friend in the skincare domain!