Everything You Need to Know about a Hoarding Cleaning Company – and How They Can Help

Everything You Need to Know about a Hoarding Cleaning Company – and How They Can Help

Everything You Need to Know about a Hoarding Cleaning Company – and How They Can Help

There’s one issue that plagues as many as 5 to up to 14 million individuals in the US alone, and we're talking about compulsive hoarding. It's a more common issue than many of us may realize, and in fact, it's more common than OCD. If you know someone who has this condition and has been diagnosed with it, you know very well that now is the time to help. On the other hand, someone who has been battling compulsive hoarding for years may already be suffering from a much-reduced quality of life, and their health could be at stake, too. Performing a cleanup on their premises is a necessary step that can lead the way to full recovery. But if you cannot do the hoarding cleanup yourself (and it's not advisable that you do), here's everything you need to know about a hoarding cleaning company – and how they can help.

What the service offers

Hoarding comes in different scopes and degrees, but in essence, it's the collection of various objects that, in time, become clutter. Some items are more commonly collected than most, such as papers and books, containers like plastic or paper bags and boxes, clothes, furniture, and even garbage (such as discarded food containers or wrappers and rotting food). In some cases, people can also collect animals, referred to as animal hoarding.

With a hoarding cleaning service, your hoarding cleanup can be done much more speedily and efficiently. The service will go to the house in question and perform everything, from sorting to removing the items to hauling away. They will do it as efficiently and safely as possible and make sure that they do everything hygienically.  

A professional hoarding cleanup service will know where to begin and how, and they will come fully equipped with the right strategies, equipment, gear, and expertise. For instance, professional cleanup services will know how important it is to clean the space from top to bottom, and they will also know how to deal with hazardous materials such as animal droppings, feces, mold, and more. 

The length of time for cleaning up

The length of time it takes to clean up a hoarder’s home will depend on different factors. The cleanup can take a long time if the house is big and every room has a massive amount of clutter. If the collection is hazardous, it could take a while to clean up as well. Aside from this, the cleanup process can take a long time if the person with the hoarding issue has to sort through the stuff and would like to decide which items to keep and which to throw away.

If the house isn't too big or the accumulation isn't as massive, the cleanup can take a shorter time. The same is true if the person with the hoarding condition is compliant and willing to declutter their space. 

The cost 

The cost can also vary as no two situations are alike, so the cost can be entirely flexible. A good cleanup service can estimate the cost once they analyze the environment and what it would take to clean everything up. The price can also change depending on the size of the property, the number of staff required to do it, and how severe the issue is. 

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