Evening eye makeup: makeup artist tips, application guide

Evening eye makeup: makeup artist tips, application guide

Evening eye makeup: makeup artist tips, application guide

Are you puzzled on how to get the perfect evening eye makeup? Don't worry, this is easier than you think. Here are 13 of the best tips for evening eye makeup. Find out how to get the perfect smokey makeup this year, how to add shimmer to your eyes and face. and why you should focus on either the eyes or the lips.

Evening eye makeup requires a lot of impact: a little shimmer, big eyes and seductive lips. Now is not the time for natural makeup. Here's how to create an evening look with everyone's head turning — and make you feel like a glamorous goddess.

Start with clear skin

Exfoliating also allows your moisturizer, foundation, and blush to go smoother. You can make a simple scrub using olive oil and brown sugar, or simply add half a teaspoon of sugar to your cleanser and facial scrub. Rinse with a loofah, which also acts as a natural scrub.

The secret to a great face isn't makeup. It's actually a clean, fresh face. To make sure you don't have an ash complexion, dry skin, or flaky skin, exfoliate your face before applying makeup.

Clean skin should be the first step to any makeup procedure. Remove all makeup and start over. Exfoliate your skin and lips. Apply moisturizer or oil immediately after cleansing, preferably while the skin is still slightly damp to retain moisture.

When it comes to eye care, you should apply a Natural Eye Cream after moisturising to reduce lines, under eye bags, and make your eye makeup pop as much as possible after application.

Create the perfect eyelid foundation

If you have oily skin, you can apply a primer to your eyelids to help your foundation lay down evenly and stay in place overnight. Applying the foundation with a damp sponge creates a flawless, unartificial finish that looks great both in real life and in photographs. Use concealers if you need extra coverage under the eyes.

Add arrows to a flawless face

Contouring defines your corners so your face doesn't look flat. Apply bronzer with a large fluffy brush along your jaw and temples, then sweep it right under your cheekbones.

Highlights brighten up shadows and any imperfections in the face. Tilt your head down when you look in the mirror and sweep the illuminator where you see dark shadows. Lift your head back and dissolve into the shimmer. You will notice an instant glow. Add a pop of blush to the apples of your cheeks, and for even more glow.

Focus on either the eyes or the lips

One classic tip for bright makeup: either the eyes or the lips. The reason for this is that emphasizing both functions can look harsh on some people. However, if maximalism is your style, feel free to drop this so-called rule.

If you choose to highlight your eyes, you can be as dramatic as you want with eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara. The shimmery eyeshadow is very glamorous for the evening. Black eyeliner adds a sultry, smoky look. It can be applied with your finger or brush.

Curl your lashes before applying a thick coat of high intensity mascara. Do you want to be a real queen? Consider false eyelashes.

If you feel that you are putting more emphasis on the eyes, and you want bright lips and that's it, go for it. Fix it all with powder on your face. You are now ready to party. Click here for the Best Strip Lash Glue for you false eyelashes.

See what you wear

If you're dressed brightly, your face should be natural, says makeup artist Gemma Kidd at Allure. If you have a shiny dress, don't wear shiny makeup. Instead, stick to smokey eye makeup. If you're wearing bright prints or color, keep your makeup neutral.

Add shimmery shadows

Shimmer adds drama to your look. You can get shimmery eyes in several ways:

  • Try a shimmer cream or buy a shimmer powder and mix the eyeshadow with water. The water will help create a dense metallic pigment that isn't too soft. Some shadows are subtle, but you want your shadows to be visible.
  • Apply shimmery eyeshadow to your eyelid just above the iris and to the inner corner of the eye. This will open up your eyes, brighten what is usually the dark area of ​​the eyelids. And these red eyeshadow looks help your eyes look amazing in photographs.
  • If you really want to create shimmery eye makeup, it shouldn't be anywhere else on your face. Apply shimmer to no more than 2 spots on the face. For example, eyelids and cheekbones, but don't add shimmer to your cleavage.

Other options: Add a shimmery highlighter to the cheeks, nose, and above each eye. You can apply shimmery powder to your décolleté and cheeks. Shimmery lips look good too. Just don't go overboard.