Celebrity investors and entrepreneurs light up as cannabis legalization blossoms.

Cannabis experts from Homegrown Cannabis Co., entrepreneurs, and investors are poised for continued growth as legalization spreads, and the economy reopens due to increased cannabis use during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Cannabis Celebrity Scene Is Booming

Funding for cannabis startups has been led by a closely-knit network of investors, many of whom co-invest. 

  • Liquid 2 Ventures, which former NFL quarterback Joe Montana leads
  • Casa Verde Capital, founded by entertainer Snoop Dogg 

Furthermore, several other companies are included in the network.

From time to time, celebrities and high-profile individual investors join the network. Tan and Kan are among the people backing Oakland-based Nabis, an online cannabis marketplace that offers delivery, financing, and a warehouse for dispensaries.

Investors may also be attracted by data on a brand-new industry in addition to the immediate business opportunity. The cannabis industry is expected to open new opportunities for retail trade in other sectors with technology developed and incubated by the cannabis industry.

Celebrities are treated the same way we are by tabloids. In addition to running errands, they wait in lines and know what strains of cannabis they prefer. Branded marijuana products like https://homegrowncannabisco.com/high-thc-seeds have been launched by many of the world's most iconic stoners in the past few years. The most recent additions are Willie Nelson's Reserve, Snoop Dogg's Leafs by Snoop, and many more. 

Harnessing Celebrity Brands and Endorsements in Cannabis

We certainly see a lot in the news about athletes using cannabis. With the Olympics happening this summer, there is debate about whether cannabis is "performance-enhancing." Still, others see it more as a pain recovery for injuries. We all remember Michael Phelps, the Olympic swimmer getting in some trouble many years ago.

There is the cannabis product itself, the flower, the pre-rolls, the extraction brands, and so on that celebrities participate in. However, the accessory space, in particular, is what Dan wrote about in the blog most recently, so this includes vaporizers and grinders. 

Celebrities endorse all kinds of products all the time, like; 

  • make-up lines 
  • face creams
  • perfume

So seeing them move into the cannabis endorsement space seems to be helping to normalize our industry. 

The Green Rush In The Cannabis Industry Attracts Celebrities

More and more states are passing legislation allowing for some form of marijuana sale, which has prompted entrepreneurs to flock to the booming cannabis industry. With the proliferation of pot-related businesses, business owners are looking for ways to make their brands stand out. As of late, celebrities have been promoting and branding marijuana-related products across the industry.

Several well-known weed advocates spring to mind when we think of celebrities and pot. Willie Nelson is an outspoken supporter of marijuana legalization who often supports political candidates with similar beliefs. The View's Whoopi Goldberg wrote a column detailing her hobby of inhaling and vaporizing weed. At the same time, comedian Sarah Silverman showed off her very own "vape" pen on the red carpet of the Emmys earlier this year.

It will not surprise anyone if celebrities are jumping onto the legal pot bandwagon. The following are a few well-known names who are already looking to cash in on the "green rush":

Creating Strains Based On Celebrities

Now that there are so many strains of weed online canada available, each bred to highlight a different terpene. Furthermore, it is capable of producing a wide range of physical and mental effects. 

There are weed strains created by some of the world's biggest cannabis celebrities. 

  • Snoop's "Leaf By Snoop"
  • Tommy Chong's "Chong Star" 
  • Willie Nelson's "Willie Reserve" strains
  • Bob Marley's "Marley's Natural" 

These are among the most popular strains.

  • 3D CBD
  • Blueberry Dream
  • Bananas
  • Purple Bush
  • Lemon Pie
  • Northern Lights
  • Cali Kush
  • Tangerine Man

In addition to CBD-rich flowers, Marley's Natural has four different types of Sativa and Indica strains. They also provide a studio strain of weed for creatives to help set the mood, vibe, and ambiance for their respective artistic endeavors. To differentiate themselves further, they researched and developed strains that Bob Marley used to smoke. 

The variety of strains of cannabis is vital as cannabis led to the discovery of cannabidiol (CBD). In the cannabis community, CBD is used for illnesses such as anxiety, seizures, and even chemotherapy through its presence in some cannabis strains.

A strain used to treat illness would be Hayleigh's Hope. Hayleigh, a four-year-old with cerebral palsy and epilepsy, was treated with CBD-rich cannabis strains. Thanks to celebrities such as Hayleigh, we can combat these diseases in today's world.

Celebrities Endorse Cannabis Products

Some celebrities have come up with some fantastic ideas to revolutionize cannabis consumption in the Cannabis accessory industry. These ideas are Snoop Dogg's G Pen, Tommy Chong's glassware, Wiz Khalifa's Raw Papers, and Tyga's gold rolling papers.

We almost associate marijuana and "good smoke" with Snoop. In the days before States legalized weed in California, Snoop rhymed about using the plant with "his homies" for all sorts of occasions. According to the G Pen, smoking weed is a smart move. Due to its limited aroma and low lung impact, the vaporizer virtually eliminates the smell of smoke. In 2013, Snoop became the first celebrity to endorse the G Pen.

Thus, these weed products contribute to shaping the experience that people have when they smoke marijuana. People who influence culture would naturally jump into the industry following legalization, especially in a capitalist society. Those in that position are jumping into cannabis because it is one of the hottest investments at the moment.

It is worth supporting and valuing the products created by celebrities. When weed is being legalized sporadically across the country, wisdom must pair weed with the experience and brand of other celebrities. 

In A Nutshell

By studying the cannabis industry, more people will become familiar with cannabis consumption, which will help normalize and de-stigmatize it. Cannabis is a popular topic of conversation, so it is not surprising to see weed strains and edibles personalized with research. Incentives are provided to encourage research into how we can use cannabis for illnesses and recreational purposes worldwide.