Can I Fix My Broken Appliances Myself?

Can I Fix My Broken Appliances Myself?

Can I Fix My Broken Appliances Myself?

Have you ever had an appliance in your home break down on you suddenly? Have you ever questioned whether or not you can fix it yourself? The truth is there are some fixes that you can take care of without the help of a licensed technician. That doesn't necessarily mean that all of these issues are DIY, but here are some ways to spot some issues in your household that can be quickly rectified.

Having a Home Repair Kit

When it comes to making any fixes for appliances in your household, you'll want to make sure that you have the right tools for appliance repair. Any appliance repair job usually requires a screwdriver. Invest in a kit that comes with a variety of heads to attach for a screwdriver. A flashlight, masking tape, and a permanent marker are also recommended to have on hand to spot any issues and mark any needed repair areas.

In addition to various bits for a screwdriver, you should invest in wrenches to handle nuts and bolts of all sizes. An adjustable wrench is the easiest investment to help your house stay up to code. Be sure to also opt for gloves and goggles because safety is first regardless of which appliance you're attempting to repair.

Making Fixes Before Redecorating

If you're exploring kitchen design in Denver, CO, you want to make sure that you are getting set to replace all of your appliances or that you undertake repair work before going forward with new decor. This will spare you added issues with changes to the design, avoiding any dust and crud from accruing and ruining the whole point of making the change-up to your kitchen.

For example, make sure that your home's oven is up to code. If there's an issue with a gas unit, you'll want to bring in a licensed technician. The same for bringing in an electrician for an electric stove. However, you may be able to take on some issues when it comes to proper cleaning to better allow heat sensors to operate internally. The last thing you want is to complete a kitchen makeover only to realize you need a brand-new stove.

An Obvious Answer

There's a good chance, regardless of your kitchen remodel, that basic problems may arise with items like your microwave or dishwasher that lead to easy appliance repair. This can range from checking power settings, making sure appliances are plugged in and turned on, or checking to make sure that outlets are getting power. Some appliances in the kitchen may refuse to work if they're on an uneven surface.

Looking into these simple checks will help you ensure that there isn't a significant issue impacting appliances and fixtures alike. If an appliance is through more than 50 percent of its expected life span, it could be time to evaluate the cost of repair compared to replacement. This is especially helpful when looking into the professional services of a general contractor or technician to make sure your kitchen is up to snuff.

Easy Replacements

While there are some repairs you just shouldn't try, you can actually replace elements of certain appliances. For example, if your refrigerator door is letting out a draft, it's time for a new gasket. Check to see if yours may have cracks or damage. All you have to do is remove the old one and install a model-specific replacement as recommended by your owner's manual.

Replacing a dishwasher gasket is an easy fix, too. Check the door seal for any rips or damage. If the seal isn't in perfect condition, you'll need a model-specific replacement to install around the cavity's edge. Don't hesitate to undertake a small home project, but remember that if gas or electricity is at play, you may want to defer to a technician.