Best Supplements to Take After a Bariatric Surgery

Best Supplements to Take After a Bariatric Surgery

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Best Supplements to Take After a Bariatric Surgery

By having bariatric surgery, you made the biggest step towards weight loss and becoming a healthier version of yourself. But, there is still a long journey ahead of you, that will be filled with ups and downs. That is totally fine, as long as you don’t strain from the track, and even if you do, you get back immediately. 

The key to losing weight is in three things- diet, exercise, and supplementation. One of the most important supplements is B12, and not many people know about this. It comes in a variety of forms, such as pills, gummies, liquid… but, if you are prone to forgetting to take your daily amounts of b12, you can purchase b12 patches that do wonders. You simply stick the patch to your skin while your body absorbs the vitamin, making it a stomach-safe variant while also being the one that is most convenient to use. 

Normal vs. post-bariatric vitamins

They are the two main types of vitamins on the market. The normal ones are the ordinary vitamins that we normally purchase from the pharmacy. They can work perfectly, as long as you’re healthy, and you haven’t undergone weight loss surgery. But, if there is a slight change in your body, they can come with side effects, such as a burning feeling in your stomach, feeling the urge to throw up, discomfort… 

For weight loss patients, it’s recommended to take b12 bariatric vitamin. It has little to no side effects of using, it doesn’t cause stomach lining irritation, and it’s easily resorbable. It is the perfect formulation for your stomach that went through some major trauma because of the operation. At first, you won’t be getting any supplements, but as soon as you get your doctor’s clearance, you’re good to go. 

The best supplements for bariatric patients 

Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is one of the best vitamins out there to be taken after surgery. It is found in many citrus fruits, cabbage, and other healthy foods, but at the beginning, during your recovery, you’ll feel bad after drinking freshly squeezed lemon juice. That is because of the lemon acid, which can cause mild irritation to your stomach and bowels. It’s better to stick to the safe side and supplement yourself with adequate amounts of vitamin C daily. 

The biggest benefits of this particular vitamin are that it speeds up your recovery period and it also helps your wound heal faster. This is because of its tight connection with collagen creation, and collagen is a factor #1 in wound healing and repairing. 

B complex 

This is the only and the most important group of vitamins that will help you out a lot after bariatric surgery. Once you get a clearance from your doctor, start supplementing immediately. Most likely you’ll be getting enough vitamins through your IV as long as you’re in the hospital, but after that, it’s all on you. 

Vitamins from the B group come with tons of benefits too. They are great for boosting your energy levels, they fight depression and improve your mood, and the most important of them all they prevent megaloblastic anemia. If you have a deficiency, there are visible signs such as paleness, fatigue, blackouts, and you should consult with your doctor. 

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Vitamin D

Studies have shown that vitamin D can improve your mood and it can also help your weight loss journey. We won’t go too much into detail, but the research has turned out to be true because lots of patients have lost weight by implementing dosages of vitamin D daily. The best part is yet to be told- vitamin D can be completely free of charge, and you’ll be getting plenty of it, by simply going for a half an hour walk on a sunny day. 

You have nothing to lose, even if the research turns out not to be true. You’ll be taking walks, clearing your mind, and you’ll feel better as the warm sun rays fall on your body and keep you warm. 

Green tea 

Green tea has been popular for ages now. Lots of people love it because it gives them plenty of energy, and it also helps them lose weight. You can easily replace the morning cup of coffee you have, with a big cup of green tea. It is a really powerful antioxidant, and it will flush all the toxins out of your body.

You’ll also be losing weight by drinking it but at the beginning, it will mostly be water weight, which means you need to hang tight for the real results. You’ll start noticing changes in your body almost immediately, but they will be minor like having more energy. Avoid having green tea at night, because it contains caffeine and it might interrupt your sleep.