8 Toiletries You Shouldn’t Forget for Your Next Trip

8 Toiletries You Shouldn’t Forget for Your Next Trip

8 Toiletries You Shouldn’t Forget for Your Next Trip

Whether the vacation is for fun or business, there's one area of packing that is often left incomplete. Toiletries are important for comfort and proper hygiene, but it's easy to forget a couple of essentials. For example, how many overnight guests have had to ask you for a toothbrush or toothpaste? Even if you think you've got the basics handled, there's a good chance you're leaving something important behind. Before going on your next trip, look over this list and see if you're missing some important products in your toiletry bag.

  1. Mouthwash

Mouthwash should be a big step in your oral hygiene routine. The convenient travel-sized bottles make it easy. Many people overlook mouthwash while packing, but it can come in handy whenever you need to refresh your breath. Why does mouthwash burn? Usually because it's working! Vacation might not be the best time to find the right mouthwash for you, so you might want to check out some different kinds and test them out. This is especially important if you're particularly sensitive to the burning sensation. Different ingredients can get similar results. For example, if your priority is to kill germs but you don't want the harshness of alcohol, menthol may be the better alternative.

  1. Pain Medicine

You never know when pain will strike. You could get cramps, pull a muscle, or get a headache. Traveling somewhere new and engaging in all sorts of activities that you normally wouldn't create is the perfect storm for potential injuries. You should stock up on some basic pain and fever medicine to handle all those mild aches and pains that could keep you from enjoying yourself. Just make sure you know how to take them. Some medicines, like Ibuprofen, must be taken with food so as not to upset your stomach or cause problems with your stomach lining.

  1. Decongestant and Antihistamines

Colds tend to strike at the worst times, but that's not the only reason you may feel congested. Different elevations, dust, dirt, and other allergens can all cause congestion and ruin your trip. A mild allergic reaction can ruin your day, so having an antihistamine on hand can help you avoid symptoms like itching, swelling, and pain. This is especially good to have if you're going someplace with a lot of insects that like to bite!

  1. Eye Drops

Eye drops are great for when you need to stay awake while traveling or get stuck on a dry plane for hours at a time. They can also help with redness. Just remember that most eye drops shouldn't be used daily, and it's important to keep the container clean.

  1. Antacid

Traveling to new places usually means going out to eat. Even if you're not trying anything too far out of your norm, there's a chance that the foods you love won't love you back. Acid reflux can make it difficult to sleep, which in turn can make it difficult for you to fully embrace the day ahead. 

  1. Cough Medicine

Like congestion, there are many things that can cause a cough. Not only is this uncomfortable for you, but also for anyone around you. Cough drops and cough suppressants can help you feel better faster, and they don't even have to taste bad. If you're flying, be mindful of adding liquids to your carry-on luggage. 

  1. Motion Sickness Medicine

Few things ruin a road trip faster than motion sickness. Once you have it, it's difficult to make it go away, and you may feel like it's going to resurface at any moment. Motion sickness can also be caused by certain rides, boats, or visual effects, meaning it can strike when you least expect it. Work with your doctor to find a motion sickness medicine that works for you. You should be able to find one that kicks in quickly and holds off queasiness for longer.

  1. Vitamins

A lot of people may not think to bring their daily vitamins along, but traveling can cause a lot of stress, and it's during stressful times that your body needs the proper nutrients to function well. If you stick to your routine, you can avoid a lot of the negative effects of stress, a disrupted sleep schedule, a disrupted workout routine, and new foods. 

While it's important to pack the right toiletries for you, it's also a good idea to have all the proper toiletries in case someone else needs to use them as well. After all, if your traveling companion is feeling sea sick just standing on the docks, you're probably not going to go on that ferry ride without them. If you have tickets or reservations to something, a cough could keep someone from attending, resulting in money lost. 

With the right packing skills, you can be prepared to defeat a variety of travel troubles.