7 Mistakes to avoid while buying a VPN

7 Mistakes to avoid while buying a VPN

7 Mistakes to avoid while buying a VPN

Today VPN services are widespread. They no longer belong to the tech community. In the current age of geo-blocking, working from home and data mining, it is essential to choose the VPN carefully. Here are a few mistakes one should avoid while buying a VPN.

Skipping interfaces

Choose the VPN that suits most of the devices. For instance, a VPN software may not be compatible with smartphones. Smartphones demand VPN apps. These apps are smarter than the software. Clear VPN app is one such smart VPN app in the market. It uses Dynamic flow technology. Visit https://clearvpn.com to learn more about the app.

Assuming VPN is one stop solution

VPN is not the complete solution to internet privacy. They only hide the IP address of the user. The other troubles through cookies are not solved by VPN. Every website uses cookies to identify the user. These are the backbone of the autofill options in browsers. They are rarely malicious. They are used to remember cart details, saving passwords. Their purpose is not harmful. But can be used by hackers to harm people. Such troubles prevail even while using VPN. Therefore, it is important to follow the usual internet safety protocols even after installing a VPN.

Not turning it ON all times

Often people turn ON the VPN to their convenience. This is a big mistake. Suppose a person is browsing using public Wi-Fi. He now wants to use online banking. He will then turn ON the VPN, do his banking transactions and turn OFF the VPN. There is more vital information available in the device apart from banking credentials. And the device remains connected to the Wi-Fi and therefore is still vulnerable. Bottom line, it is essential to keep the VPN turned ON all the time.

Not taking advice from Experts

Consult online VPN experts before buying a VPN. They explain the pros and cons of different VPNs available in the market.

Not checking the settings

Most of the VPNs are serviceable. However, it is essential to ensure that all the signed-up features of the VPN are activated. Go to settings and check if every feature of the VPN is working.

Using a free VPN

There are several free VPNs available on the internet. Such VPNs maintain information logs. There is no guarantee that the information accessed through such free VPN is safe. They do not provide terms and conditions. Thus, there is no assurance that the user identity is masked at all times. Avoid using free VPN.


It is a big mistake to neglect technical support from VPN service providers. While buying the VPN, ensure that the VPN offers good technical support. This is because, installation and usage of VPN requires comprehensive tech support. Also, do not hesitate to bother the VPN support team to clear the smallest doubts or issues. Every user pays certain amount of money to get in touch with the support team of the VPN.