6 Tips on Choosing a Perfect Shirt

6 Tips on Choosing a Perfect Shirt

6 Tips on Choosing a Perfect Shirt

Gone are the days when men's fashion was limited to only a few choices. Now, you have plenty of options. One can wear whatever he wants as long as it looks good on him and flatters his body. The tricky part here is that a perfect fit may not exactly be flattering for everyone. Even if a shirt looks great on one person, it may not look as appealing on another one who has a completely different body type from this first person's. So how do you know what would look best on you? Here are some tips which will guide you through buying shirts for yourself.

1. What Is The Occasion?

Different occasions call for different kinds of shirts. For example, if you need something casual for a summer vacation, that will still give you a decent look, try crew-neck shirts. You may even go for stylish Hawai designs, of which you can learn more at Island Style Clothing and get the best ideas for your next trip. For formal occasions like weddings or business meetings, you can't go wrong with classic button-down shirts. They look great on every man and flatter almost every body type because of their perfect fit and silhouette structure. Always make sure that your shirt fits perfectly before buying it as this will guarantee a great look no matter what the occasion is.

2. Know your Body Type

Your body type plays an important role in choosing the perfect clothes. Your face shape, weight, height, and size are some key factors that determine what looks good on you. For example, if your face is round then you should stay away from crew-neck t-shirts as they will only give more emphasis to their roundness. Try V-necks instead. If your body is short and large then wearing thin shirts can be a good idea as thin clothes create an illusion of length which ultimately makes the wearer look taller than he is. If you have a long body then wearing baggy clothes can make your body look even longer. So don't be afraid of those loose tees!

3. Consider Fabric

The fabric of your shirt plays a key role in how well it fits you. Different fabrics have different textures and thicknesses which affect how they drape around the body. Generally, always opt for thinner fabrics because they will make you look more muscular and less chubby as compared to thicker fabrics. Also, very thin shirts draw attention away from the mid-section onto the upper parts that accentuate your wide shoulders and chest better. Such shirts also highlight your arm muscles making them look toned and firm.

4. Consider Your Style

There are several shirt styles available in the market which you can choose from. Some of them include button-down, polo, t-shirt etcetera. Remember that each style will compliment your body type differently so it's important for you to know what suits you best. Each look is also different from one another so if you want a professional appearance then go for button-downs as they give a more formal and sophisticated vibe whereas wearing t-shirts is always a great casual option. A good choice will allow you to remain comfortable throughout the day while never compromising on your style statement. So just stay confident and happy with how you look! 

5. Pick Right Collar For Right Face Shape

Different face shapes call for different collar types. For example, a round-shaped face should never wear spread or wide collars as they will give it more weight and width. Instead, go for narrower spreads which will only add to the charm of your roundness. In the case of a thin face, collars with wider spreads will make the wearer look more balanced and appealing. A long face can look great in almost any type of collar so if that is your case, consider yourself lucky and go on and experiment with different styles.

6. Choose Your Button Type

Buttons have different types and styles which affect the look of your shirt. Lose buttons will always create a casual and relaxed look while buttoned-up shirts can provide you with a more formal and stylish appearance. Buttons also come in various shapes like round, flat, or pointed edges. You should consider what type of event you are going for before deciding on the right button style for yourself. For instance,  a pointed edge is a good choice for a more formal event whereas round buttons can be a great option for a casual look.

It doesn't matter if you are a tall, short, thin, or heavy person because the right shirt always looks good on everyone. It's always about understanding what suits you best and going for that look to make your personality stand out from the rest. Remember it takes more than a minute for someone to notice how well-dressed you are so make sure that all of your bases are covered!