5 Ways To Make Your Drawing Room Vibrant

5 Ways To Make Your Drawing Room Vibrant

5 Ways To Make Your Drawing Room Vibrant

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Not all can afford to revamp the entire house now and then. Moreover, redoing the house is a time-consuming process. However, several ways involve doing a little bit can change the complete look of your dwelling.   

Only if you renovate your drawing room, the character of your house gets a new emotion. Adding energetic colors to your drawing room is an excellent way to get the feel of the entire house redo without actually doing it.   

Discover five intelligent ways to make your drawing room vibrant by just adding a hint of color in this article.  

If you implement these tips, your drawing room will have a new breath and feel for sure.  

  1. Paint a wall different

Punching a wall with bright paint is one way of making your dull living room stand out. You can pick any bright coat in contrast with your other drawing-room walls. Also, you can choose a color for your wall that is in opposition to fabrics in the living room. To make your wall get noticed, select the most sprawling wall in your living room to accent it with a vibrant shade. Another good idea to add color to your living room is by painting a wall one shade darker than the rest of the walls. 


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  1. Slap some colorful cushions

 Do you feel your living room has lost its charm? Don't feel helpless. You can't do much redoing now, agreed. However, you can surely add a few things that can brighten up your living room as per your desire. For starters, you can add colorful cushions to the seating arrangement and add color to your gloomy drawing-room.  

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Whether it be burnt orange velvet pillows or mint-hued cushions, adding them to your living room brings a cheerful vibe to the whole place. For a brilliant appearance, you have to choose either solids, floral, or check-patterned cushions strategically. Moreover, place these beloved pillows skillfully. Don't rush too many cushions on a single sofa, or the entire grace will fade away. 

  1. Spruce up the upholstery

 Gone are those days when you thought too little of your living room upholstery. You can toss the personality of your drawing-room upside down just by upgrading the upholstery. Fetch the royal blue shades from Jodhpur city and smackdown on your sofa seats. Get inspired by the golden delights of Persian palaces and throw them on your armchairs. 

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Glam up the look of your couch by changing its fabric to intense purple or rich green. Slam the most exquisite shades of leather on your dining table chairs and do the living room makeover effortlessly. Doing as little as changing the fabric, leather, or material of your seating gear will level up the overall visuals of a living room and make it more appealing.   

  1. Host a few houseplants

There's no harm in adding a bit of nature to your drawing-room decor. Not only fresh plants or flowers can turn your place alive but also add color. Adding greenery to thrive in your indoor house conditions can swoon away the onlookers. You can place pops of green or even plants with contrasting color tones. Everything from succulents, cactus to faux plants, hosting a few houseplants in your living room isn't a bad idea. On the contrary, if your thumb isn't green enough with these little creatures, opt for artificial indoor plants. These artificial plants are also sufficient to make your drawing-room colorful and eyeballs turn around on them.   

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  1. Spread the vibrance everywhere

The last thing is not about adding color to a specific item, pattern, or corner. But it is about splashing a wave of colors in your entire drawing-room. Right from your fireplace to the bookshelf, anything and everything can be elevated using colors. As you can see in the picture, the designer has smartly replaced the underfoot with a wooden floor. Moreover, a simple white rug in contrast with the wood floor grabs attention at first sight.   

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The fireplace backdrop has been tucked into a pastel green tile-block pattern and looks like the show-stopper in the living room. The walls of the bookshelf look nothing less than a miracle in intense yellow. If you can discover, even the different colored book covers add a kaleidoscopic view to this dreamy living room. 

The only point behind bragging this much is to help you understand that you can make your living room colorful by replacing almost anything that feels worthwhile. Just don't set boundaries while imagining and think out of the box!   


There are innumerable ways of adding color to your drawing room to make it more vibrant. Besides these five, you can go and paint the lamps, spread multicolored rugs & carpets, display vivid artwork, decorate with dreamcatchers, and whatnot! No matter what living room color scheme you implement, try to bring a sense of freshness while enhancing the overall aesthetics. After all, the living room is the most loved, laughed, and lived space in the entire house.