5 Tips to organise your home

5 Tips to organise your home

Having a clean and de-cluttered space is one of the most relaxing and calming feelings, but to reach that you have to start organizing and containing your home environment better. Here are some tips to help you reach that peace of mind fast and more efficiently!

  • Get a hold of your mess and pick up the trash! 

Grab a big trash bag in one hand and a pair of gloves in the other, and start walking into rooms. Any useless items and trash go into one bag, and all you have to do after that is just throw the entire bag into the bin! This will clean up your home fast, and help you get rid of junk in one go!

  • Employ a cleanup bin!

When you’re pinched for time, and need to get the house de-cluttered quickly, grab a big empty basket and place it at the bottom of the stairs, then start putting all the things that need to be removed from the living area and transport them upstairs in one go! 

  • Simplify your laundry and linen storage!

Put folded sheets into a pillowcase, and you’ll never have to worry about fitting the right sheet to the right bed. When your cleaning quote is high, and you don’t have fabric softener or dryer sheets, use a rolled-up ball of yarn, and scent it with some essential oils. Then dry it like usual with your clothes and you’ll have soft, dry clothes in a jiffy!

  • Create extra space in your home with hooks and shelves! 

Digging and searching for items increases messiness and creates a clutter in your house. To avoid that, grab 2 basic Ikea shelves and jazz them up with some paint and tape in an abstract design, and voila you have 2 presentable looking shelves that you can use to sort and select important display items or things that remain in constant use, so you don’t have to look for them and create a mess! Use hooks in the same way to increase space in tight areas and attach wall hooks to the back of your closet door, or on the bathroom walls to line up your clothes and make space for bags, shoes and accessories!

  • Make a donation box! 

This is one of the most important things you can do when de-cluttering your home. Grab an old storage bin, a big carton or even a few shoeboxes and start to fill it up with all the items that you don’t need anymore, like toys, books, clothes, shoes, even sports gear and accessories will work. Only keep the things you truly want and ditch the rest, don’t overthink too much while filling the donation box, and now you’ve automatically cleared up so much space for important items! 

De-cluttering and organizing is one of the most annoying tasks, but once you get it done you can breathe in peace for quite a bit of time, these tips will help you organize quickly