5 Signs You Need a Physical Therapist

5 Signs You Need a Physical Therapist

5 Signs You Need a Physical Therapist

Chronic pain and mobility concerns can cause a lot of trouble for individuals. Whether these issues occur because of an acute or chronic condition, pain and range of motion issues need to be resolved to allow a person to continue living a normal life. Seeking physical therapy can offer many benefits and assist a person with improving their pain levels and getting relief from their mobility concerns. Knowing the signs to look for when a person needs physical therapy is essential. 

What Is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is often referred to as physiotherapy. This treatment is provided by a physical therapist who works to protect, promote, and improve the healing process after injuries or damaging musculoskeletal conditions have arisen. Using targeted treatments and therapies allows these professionals to help relieve the pain their patients are feeling and improve their range of motion so they can get back to work, school, and other life responsibilities. 

5 Signs a Person Needs Physical Therapy

Being aware of the signs physical therapy is needed is essential. One of the biggest mistakes people make is avoiding seeking therapy right away when they are injured. Waiting to seek therapy will only increase the likelihood of further injuries and could cause a person to lose their mobility over time, making therapy more difficult. The following are some of the top signs a person may notice if they need physical therapy treatments. 

  1. Pain Continues for More Than a Couple of Days

After a mild injury, the pain should begin to subside after a couple of days. If after three days the pain is still present, it may be time to seek physical therapy. Just after an injury, rest, ice, and elevation are essential for keeping the swelling under control and stopping the pain. If the pain persists, further help is necessary. 

  1. A Person Has Dull and Recurring Pain

When chronic injuries occur, the pain can become recurring. If the pain seems to come back consistently and is dull, physiotherapy can be beneficial. Often, a dull throbbing pain that keeps coming back is caused by a chronic injury. 

  1. Individuals Are Finding It Difficult to Control the Pain with Medications

If pain control is becoming a problem, despite using pain medication, it is important to explore the options for treatment. Taking over-the-counter pain medications is usually beneficial because they stop the pain and help control inflammation. If they are not working, a person may need to learn about their options for physical therapy. 

This means that the only credible way forward is to explore physiotherapy, do research on the best physiotherapists and start with the plan of treatment right away.

  1. There Is a Sharp and Acute Pain

Sharp and acute pain often means a serious injury has occurred. Ignoring the signs of pain will only lead to increased problems with the injured area. A sudden or sharp pain needs to be addressed by medical professionals right away. This is why you need to check out centres and specialists that offer physiotherapy in Singapore to overcome the pain through therapy.

  1. Changes in Body Appearance and Performance

Individuals may need physical therapy if their body appearance and performance have changed after an injury. For instance, a knee that has become abnormally swollen or is no longer functioning may require the skilled help of physical therapy. 

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Those who are experiencing the above issues need to consider seeking physical therapy to help them with their injuries. Physical therapy can help to lessen the severity of the symptoms and improve a person's recovery outlook. While physical therapy is not going to usually cause immediate pain relief, relief can be sought with consistency in treatment.