5 Digital Nomad Tools to Improve Remote Work Productivity

5 Digital Nomad Tools to Improve Remote Work Productivity

5 Digital Nomad Tools to Improve Remote Work Productivity

As a digital nomad, you enjoy the freedom of working from anywhere. However, working from remote places is easier said than done. There are many challenges ranging from poor internet connection to losing self-control and overindulging, and everything in-between. You need to be armed with tools that make your life easier and help you remain productive no matter where you are. Here are five must-have tools for digital nomads.

Time Tracking Applications

Visiting various world destinations means that you will be in varying time zones from time to time. You need to keep track of your deadlines no matter what time zone you enter. You will need a time tracking app that lets you know the time in your current time zone and home. Get one that allows you to schedule your tasks and you will be able to beat deadlines easily. Use the time tracking app of your choice to organize your tasks and check how much time you spend on each task.

Air Purifier

Yes, you read that right - air quality is very important, especially if you are stuck in front of the screen in a room all day. Make sure you always have a quality air purifier with you ensure your environment is free of pollutants that could affect your health.

Reliable Portable WiFi

What would a digital nomad be without the internet? Not much, right? Not every place you go to will have public WiFi. Some will have very bad internet connections. You need to be prepared for such encounters. Get a portable WiFi router that you can carry anywhere in the world. Look for a device that offers a stable connection and supports internet connection in different parts of the world.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Always have a reliable VPN that you use to connect to the internet. By doing this you will remain safe from online criminals, keep your information private and get unlimited access to the internet. Remember that not all countries are like your home. Some countries restrict internet access and some websites also restrict the countries from which their content may be viewed. Get a reliable VPN and you can have unlimited internet access no matter where you go.

A Laptop Stand

A digital nomad is crippled without a laptop. You need to have a good laptop that you can rely on even when you are at the remotest places. The best gift for travel that you can get yourself is a laptop stand. These stands come in made shapes and designs but they all serve one purpose. They make your working hours bearable by ensuring you remain as comfortable as possible. The stand will hold the laptop at a perfect distance from your body. Get a foldable stand that can be adjusted to your desired positioning.

A Password Manager

A digital nomad will definitely have many passwords. From your Netflix login details to your web host’s account and even social media sites, it can be difficult to recall all passwords. Using the same password on all sites may seem like a good idea but this will only compromise your security. The best option is to get a password manager. This is a digital nomad tool that stores all passwords in one place. You only need to remember the password manager’s password and you get access to all your passwords no matter where you are.

To Sum It Up

A digital nomad’s life needs a lot of discipline to balance work and leisure. With the above tools, you will find it easy to handle your work. Use the time tracker to manage your time, the password manager to keep all your passwords, a laptop stand to ensure you are always comfortable while working and the portable WiFi and VPN to ensure you have a reliable internet connection at all times. Enjoy your digital nomadic lifestyle.

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