5 Childhood Activities to Bring on the Nostalgia

5 Childhood Activities to Bring on the Nostalgia

5 Childhood Activities to Bring on the Nostalgia

Childhood can be a wonderful time full of fun and adventure. Looking back as an adult can make you nostalgic for what felt like a simpler time. Life was all about school, friends, and learning about the world around you. There were no looming responsibilities or major things to worry about. That was all handled by the adults. Here are five childhood activities that may spark a trip down memory lane.

1) Playing Ball

Whether you grew up with a full field at your disposal, or played on a homemade sandlot diamond, playing baseball is a common pastime. All you really need is a bat, a ball, and a couple of baseball or softball gloves. Mark out the bases, the pitcher's mound, and the foul lines and you're all set to go. Games could last a few innings or go as long as possible into the evening before the streetlights turned on. The best part of this game is that the fun didn't stop with childhood- people of all ages can enjoy a good game.

2) Saturday Morning Cartoons

Saturday mornings had a feel all their own. After a long week of school, that first weekend morning felt full of possibilities. There was little better than grabbing a bowl of cereal and kicking back on the couch to watch some cartoons. No matter what your tv show preference was, cartoons and other kid shows offered a chance to escape reality for a while and just enjoy the show. With many shows now available on streaming platforms, you may even be able to rewatch all your favorites.

3) Road Trips

The backseat of the family car always belongs to the kids. Short trips to school, activities, errands, etc. were common and not that big of a deal. It was the longer trips that changed everything. Watching the world whiz by on the interstate, playing the alphabet or license plate game, and stopping in unfamiliar towns for restroom and meal breaks were all part and parcel of the experience. Then there was the excitement of getting to your destination and finally being released from the seatbelt and lack of legroom. Traveling via other methods just wasn't quite the same.

4) Sleepovers

The anticipation of spending the night at a friend's house is a unique childhood experience. You may have planned your sleepovers out in advance, or you may have been the type of kid to ask your parents for permission last minute (& even with your friend standing there, to help guilt the adults into saying yes). Either way, sleepovers meant staying up late, watching movies, playing games, and eating junk food with your friends. All that deviation from the normal routine made sleepovers the epitome of fun.

5) Field Trips

Feelings about school can vary widely from kid to kid. Some love it, some hate it, and some fall in between. But the joy of field trip days is something everyone can agree on. Destinations varied based on where you grew up and what grade you were in. You may have visited a science museum, a zoo, an aquarium, a state park, a farm, or countless other places. Some field trips may have even lasted several days and involved spending the night. The common thread is that you were away from school and having way more fun learning than usual. 

There was so much magic and wonder in being a child. Learning about the world through play was your main job. There were no adult responsibilities like bills and taxes and student loans to worry about. Instead, you could spend your time playing with friends, watching cartoons, and going on sleepovers, vacations, and field trips. No matter when you grew up, childhood probably felt like an easier time. If you're still in touch with your childhood friends, why not give them a call and share some of your favorite memories to help relieve that time?