10 Reasons Why Women Empowerment is Important

10 Reasons Why Women Empowerment is Important

10 Reasons Why Women Empowerment is Important

"Disabled women sew at a women empowerment workshop." by Hashoo Foundation USA - Houston, TX is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Women empowerment shouldn't even be debatable, but unfortunately, it is in some parts of society. Empowering women means empowering society in general. But first things first, what is women empowerment? The term 'women empowerment' refers to promoting women's sense of self-worth, enabling them to determine their own choices and influence social change for themselves or others.

The advantages of women empowerment are endless. This article discusses the top 10 reasons women deserve to be empowered to live the life they desire. 

These 10 points further explain the importance of women empowerment.

Discouraging domestic violence

As far as domestic violence (and any other form of violence against women) is concerned, empowerment helps women understand what's acceptable and not. It gives women the voice they need to speak up against violence, exploitation, abuse, and other related injustices.

Eliminating poverty

Women empowerment eradicates poverty by providing extra room for economic growth in any society. Introducing women to the workforce means both men and women work together towards a particular economic goal. As a result, society benefits from the economic efforts of both sides. 

Discovering untapped talents

Women have untapped talents that not so many people in men-dominated societies are aware of. Whether it's sports, leadership, business, or anything in between, women are equally good (and even better in some cases). But unfortunately, such women are often discouraged from participating in certain activities reserved for men only.  

Realizing economic independence

Women are naturally great managers; they deserve economic independence to chase their dreams and goals in life without being answerable to men or any entity other than themselves. Besides, a society that promotes economic independence for women often reaps from an improved economy, professional workforce, and so much more. 

Exercising women’s authority

Women deserve to exercise their authority in different fields, such as managers, writers, engineers, etc., without being threatened by society. The story of Malala Yousafzai is a perfect example of why women need to be empowered to chase their dreams without feeling threatened. 

Her determination to risk it all to achieve her goals inspires millions of women across the world. In addition, it is an eye-opener to individuals or entities focused on suppressing women's rights.

Creating a better world

Realizing the need for women empowerment is the beginning of a better society. There's a need for a society that respects and values women and their role in different spheres regardless of their ethnic background, race, or religion. 

Establishing a judgment-free society

For so long, women have been judged and condemned for their choices. Whether it's same-sex marriage, dress code, careers, or anything else, society often scrutinizes women's choices. However, when society begins to understand the importance of women empowerment, women will be judged less and appreciated more. 

Promoting healthy competition

Imagine a world where women and men get paid the same wages for the same amount of work done. This level of fairness promotes healthy competition, which is great for economic growth, personal improvement, and raising a better society. This healthy competition is not only limited to the economic aspect; both men and women can work harmoniously together in different environments without discrimination or fear of abuse, violence, and other social injustices. 

Inspiring and motivating society

In a world dominated by men, empowering women inspires other marginalized people to stand up for themselves. This creates a society driven by fairness and equality, eliminating prejudice. 

Creating societal 'balance'

Society needs' balance' for everything to function harmoniously with each other. Treating women as objects or individuals not worthy of praise, opportunity, respect, or love creates a considerable imbalance in society. This imbalance breeds bitterness, which grows into selfishness, retaliation, envy, among other vices. 

When women are discriminated against, they spend their lives fighting for justice and freedom rather than chasing their dreams and aspirations. This kind of societal imbalance can be fixed by understanding the importance of women empowerment. 

Now that you understand why women empowerment is important check out these 50 women empowerment quotes from Turtle Quotes if you need further inspiration to participate in this long-overdue campaign. Remember, the journey to a better society begins with one step, and that you have a role to play in it.