Why A Master Key System Is Recommended ByLocksmith Redhill For Apartment Complex

Why A Master Key System Is Recommended ByLocksmith Redhill For  Apartment Complex

Why A Master Key System Is Recommended ByLocksmith Redhill For Apartment Complex

If you own an apartment complex, considering master key system installed by trusted locksmith like Stronghold Locksmiths is recommended. Although this offers many benefits, some tenants are not as comfortable about this idea, hence what they do is call a locksmith to change their locks that cannot be accessed by a master key system. As a tenant, it is their responsibility to ask permission from the landlord if this is possible. There are some instances when changing locks is not allowed in an apartment complex, so best to go back to your contract before having the chance down. 

Actually, the benefit goes more on the side of the landlord, but needless to say, this also somehow gives benefits to tenants. To provide you with details as to how a master key system is beneficial to an apartment complex, here are some of the benefits that you may or may not know about:

  • It is convenient

Instead of bringing a bunch of keys, keeping and bringing just one key when you are making your rounds around the apartment complex is more convenient. And besides, this will not give you a hard time accessing many doors, as all you need is just one key. Trial and error when trying to find the right key to a specific door can be too time consuming, with this, landlords choose a master key so they can save up time and enjoy the convenience of this option. 

Unfortunately, this benefit is only for the landlord to enjoy as there are some tenants that are not okay with this idea mainly because they feel like they are not secured especially that anyone can access their door. 

  • Emergencies can be prevented

When the tenant is not around his/her house and a gas leak or a fire starts, the landlord can access the apartment and try to do necessary action to prevent further damage to the property. Even if the tenant is away, the landlord can take charge of the apartment’s security without breaking the door. 

Also, when the tenant forgets something, and they are away, out of the country or somewhere else, they can ask a friend to speak with the landlord to get whatever it is they forgot, or check whatever it is they want to be checked inside the house. 

  • Landlords can check on their property when necessary

There are some instances when the landlord needs to check the property while the tenant is away, it can be the plumbing, alarm system or something else. Yes, the property is owned by the landlord, but as a respect to the tenant who is currently occupying the space, letting the tenant know that he/she needs to get in the apartment for an important reason is necessary. 

The agreement about using a master key lock should be settled before a contract for occupancy is signed. You can agree or disagree with this, but at the end of it, it is the landlord’s decision that will prevail.