What Are Cremation Necklaces?

What Are Cremation Necklaces?

What Are Cremation Necklaces?

When a loved one has passed on, we create ways to feel that they’re here with us. For some, cremate their loved ones and place their urn in their homes or offices. Most people go for something creative to honor our departed loved ones. Keepsake items are a great way to symbolize them, their passion, and their personality. You can get in touch with professionals like Petalsandkeepsakes if you're searching for cremation pendants and jewelry.

Having keepsake items for the departed doesn’t necessarily have to be painful. You can associate them with something beautiful, like cremation jewelry or memorial art. This way, by looking at jewelry or art you can remember the beautiful and memorable times you had with them. Cremation jewelry has mostly been used these ways, but how are they done?

What Is Cremation Jewelry?

Cremation Jewelry or Funeral Jewelry is one way for people to remember or memorialize their loved ones. This jewelry can be worn on our bodies, kept in a drawer, or even displayed in a jewelry box or any area at home which can be easily seen.

While other families have different ways of keeping cremated remains, cremation jewelry is unique because it gives you various options on how to store the ashes of your loved ones. One of the best and most-sought after cremation jewelry is the cremation necklace.

What Are Cremation Necklaces?

Cremation necklaces are the most well-known type of cremation jewelry. It has a small urn that is attached to the chain worn around our neck. You put the cremated remains or also known as cremains into the small urn. 

Cremation necklaces are the best since the urn is small and contains only a portion of the cremains. The small portion of the urn necklace allows you to share with your other family members using their cremation necklaces. 

Common cremation necklace shapes come in cylinders and hearts, but there are also other shapes, such as trees, fishes, dogs, etc., depending on the request of the customer. There are also necklace designs that come in the form of a locket, pendant, caged glass, and many more. The most requested is the cylinder keepsake urn.

How Is a Cremation Necklace Done?

Most jewelry stores offer two ways of cremation jewelry: the infused and the non-infused method. The infused method is where you provide the ash and other materials, and they are incorporated into the cylinder, glass, or resin component. The non-infused method, on the other hand, is where you are provided with a small keepsake urn, and you will fill the small urn by yourself. 

For most people, the request for the infused method. Infused memorial necklaces look more beautiful, elegant, and it brings out the personality of the person departed. Make sure that you choose a reputable jewelry artist to craft your request.

Keeping the Memories Alive

Cremation jewelry has become the talk of the town when it comes to commemoration. But it’s fine if you don’t keep up this trend -- coping with your loss by keeping your loved one’s ashes is always a matter of preference. But if you begin to consider cremation jewelry, you can start with cremation necklaces.