Top Style Trends of 2022 That Every Groom Should Know

Top Style Trends of 2022 That Every Groom Should Know

Top Style Trends of 2022 That Every Groom Should Know

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While we are used to the bride dazzling the crowd, the groom should not be left behind. Style knows no gender. It's as much as your day as it is the brides. Why wouldn't you want to be gorgeous and stellar on the most important day of your life? While it is a running joke how most grooms only have two suits, one for funerals and one for weddings, that doesn't have to be the case. The one suit you do pick for your wedding can be a significant wow factor. It can also be your way of telling your bride how much they mean to you and how you can't wait to spend the rest of your life with them. It's not just your hair that makes you the best-looking groom. It's the details you put into your tuxedo that make all the difference. So here are some style trends of 2022 you should know:

  • Get the Seasonal Tweed

Tweed is a heavy fabric and looks itchy to wear. It's opted mainly by grooms who will have a winter wedding given the thickness of the garment. However, you can upscale yourself using tweed fashion as your baseline. Tweed looks very stylish, but you need to get smart about how you'll wear it for summer or spring. If you're going for a summer wedding, you should have a plain jacket with textured fabric. The same goes for a spring wedding when the breeze is pleasant and the feeling of getting married is exciting. The tweed look is also captured if you switch your jacket for a waistcoat following textured fabric. If you genuinely care about impressing your bride, you need the tweed look in your life.

  • Oversized Checks

The checks look great. You can wear the design as a T-shirt and even as formal wear. The squares look elegant and refined and make you feel like the suit was made for you. Most grooms prefer checks because it's a very relaxed look for the wedding without making you look sloppy. After all, who doesn't think bigger is better? You can find checks in various shades and colors. It depends on how you feel like expressing yourself. If you're into laid-back checks or you're into more bold statements with solid borders. You may have the wedding of the century with your quirky taste in your suitainable fashion.

  • Bring Back the Tailored Fits

There is something breathtaking about wearing a suit that is for you. It fits perfectly against you, giving off your solid physique and your gorgeous looks; it takes time to get a suit tailored to your needs, so you may want to start early. Make sure you take your time with the fabrics and find the one that glides against your skin. One way to go about picking a suit for your wedding is by matching it with the bride. However, some go-to colors are dark blue with a blush pink tie or even a solid grey suit with a cerulean tie. If you have colored eyes, you may want to go with colors that bring your eyes out. The finishing touches are all about messing up your hair and looking stellar for your bride.

  • The Red, White, and Burgundy

We know that most grooms dabble in greys and blues. That is a common choice and also a safe one. However, you can move beyond the primary color spectrum and offer yourself an even deeper fashion taste. Go for wine or burgundy suits for your big day. If you're going for a dark jacket, you may want to get a light shirt. You can also mix and match shades till you're happy with the contrast you pick for yourself. The color is rich and looks as deep as wine, so make sure the bow tie or tie you choose makes sense with your shirt and jacket.

  • Get It in Cream or Beige

Soft colors look amazing in summers. If you're into casual wear, you should look into summery shades that will look fabulous at your wedding. Beige and cream are lowly becoming two beloved shades for summer weddings. You will look amazing with the morning sun shimmering against your suit. Light-colored suits are also a great option if you're looking to get married when the weather is warm. If you're in a white or humid area, they can still help. If you feel like taking it a step further, try purchasing shades of pastel.

Final Words

As a groom, you want to enjoy your wedding pictures too. Grooms should enjoy their weddings as much as the bride. While most grooms get prepared to play their part in the marriage, most overlook the importance of a good suit. If you pay attention to the finer details, you make a difference in your appearance. Your bride would love walking down the aisle towards you with your attention to parties. You can experiment with checks, deep colors, or even keep it light and breezy. All these and more are waiting for you as soon as you give yourself the chance to explore.