Top 4 Tips To Choose The Right Roofing Shingle Color

Top 4 Tips To Choose The Right Roofing Shingle Color

Top 4 Tips to Choose the Right Roofing Shingle Color

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The average cost of putting a new roof on a home is more than $7,000, so it’s a significant investment. Roofs tend to last upwards of 15 years, too, so it’s also a lasting investment that you’re going to have to look at for years, if not the rest of the time you live in your home. That’s why it’s essential to pick the right roofing shingle color. Doing so is easier than you might expect with these four simple tips. 

Consider the Climate

 How to choose the right color shingles? If you’re thinking about a new roof, you need to know. While appearance is important, it’s not just about aesthetics. You’re likely already aware that darker colors tend to absorb heat while lighter colors reflect them, but have you considered what that might mean for your new roof and future utility costs?

If your home is in a warm area that gets a lot of sun, you may save money on air conditioning in the future if you choose light-colored or highly reflective shingles. Roofs designed to reflect heat rather than absorbing it are often called cool roofs, and they have many potential benefits, including:

  • Lower air conditioning costs
  • A longer life span for your roof 
  • Eco-friendliness 

If you live in a cooler location, a cool roof may not be the right choice for your home. Instead, a darker roof color may be a better option to help reduce heating costs in the winter. 

Climate considerations will matter less when choosing a shingle color for anyone living somewhere with highly variable seasons—hot summers and freezing winters. 

Complement Your Siding

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Picking the wrong siding color is an expensive and lasting mistake, so the last thing you want is for your new roof to clash with the siding or trim on your home’s exterior. Pick up samples of roofing shingles you like, and hold them up against your house. 

Make sure you like a roofing shingle in both sunlight, shade, and at different times of the day. A shingle’s appearance will change depending on the lighting it’s subjected to. It’s essential to know how it will change to ensure your complete satisfaction with your eventual selection. 

In general:

  • Warm colors pair well with warm colors and cool with cool
  • A darker roof color will work well with lighter siding
  • It’s hard to choose incorrectly working with neutral colors
  • Matching your roof shingle colors to your home’s exterior accent colors can create a united look

If you’re in the middle of designing and constructing your own home, you have more options when it comes to deciding on a color for your roofing shingles because you’re choosing the color of your siding at the same time. If that’s the situation you’re in, keep resale value in mind. 

It isn’t easy to imagine selling your home when you’re still in the middle of building it, but your house is both a home and an investment. It’s never too early to begin planning how to maximize both of its functions. 

Blend With Your Neighbors

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Have you ever passed through an area and found your eyes drawn to a house that just doesn’t fit? Siding color, roof color, landscaping—whatever the reason, it’s interfering with the cohesive look of the neighborhood. Something is jarring and off about it. 

While it may not matter in a more eclectic neighborhood or if you live somewhere rural, choosing a roofing shingle color that blends with the other colors in the community can help prevent your home from standing out for the wrong reasons. 

If you live in a community that has a Homeowner Association, there may be pre-existing rules in place governing your options for roofing shingle colors. If that’s your situation, your options are likely to be a bit more limited but almost guaranteed to blend well no matter which one you choose. 

In other cases, there won’t be a list of options. Instead, your new roofing selection will require approval by the association or another board to ensure it won’t interfere with the overall look and feel of the neighborhood. 

Seek Outside Advice

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If you’re still not sure what color roofing shingle to choose, it never hurts to consult an expert. If you’re preparing to install a new roof for your home, you’re in luck. You already have an expert on hand in the form of your roofing contractor. They have likely worked on the installation of dozens if not hundreds of new roofs. 

With such an extensive amount of experience, your roofing contractor is sure to have developed an eye for what will work with your home’s existing style and color palette, as well as your budget. 

You also have the entire Internet available at your fingertips. By looking up houses with siding colors and similar floorplans to your own, you can start to see what looks good, what you like, and what’s popular right now in the design world.  Author Bio: Jessica has been closely studying the changing trends in Lifestyle from quite some time. Intrigued by the booming growth of this sector, she takes interest in penning down her views providing quality insight on it. Currently, she is studying about Best Roofing Company