Top 10 Beauty Industry Jobs That Might Be Perfect for You

Top 10 Beauty Industry Jobs That Might Be Perfect for You

Top 10 Beauty Industry Jobs That Might Be Perfect for You

Are you interested in beauty industry jobs?

There are many career paths in today’s beauty industry. From make-up artists to wig makers, you have unlimited options in this industry.

If you have a degree in cosmetology, you don’t necessarily have to work in a salon. The industry has a job for everyone. Whether you like multimedia, writing, arts, or you’re a fan of traveling; there are many jobs in the industry that would be great for you.

Below are the ten best beauty industry jobs to consider:

1. Beauty Copywriter

Beauty and makeup are some of the most searched for topics online. Therefore, it’s a great topic to write about. However, a beauty writer should have ample knowledge and experience in the beauty and cosmetology niche.

You can turn this knowledge into an article to help other people in your community. A beauty copywriter should also have essential skills such as writing and time management to write, produce and post beauty-related articles for beauty companies. You can also create a website and post your articles there.

Most beauty companies want copywriters to produce high-quality, positive content to entice potential customers to buy certain products. As a beauty copywriter, it’s your job to research more about the product and how it can impact consumers’ beauty journey.

This is one of the most sought-after services in the U.S. by multi-billion dollar organizations in the industry. Additionally, copywriting is among the highest-paying jobs in the cosmetology industry today. That’s because written content is a significant part of a company’s digital marketing efforts.

Most cosmetology students today prefer writing beauty articles and blog posts for big companies and start-ups. Some of these students graduate and continue freelancing as beauty copywriters even after school. This is an excellent aspect of beauty industry marketing.

2. Skincare Specialist

Today, skincare specialists are in high demand. This is a favorite field for people with cosmetology licenses and degrees. A skincare specialist’s job is to improve a client’s visual appearance by using cosmetic products to clean their skins and clear acne.

Therefore, skin specialists play a vital role in the beauty and cosmetology industry. Today, every celebrity and influencer is looking for a skin care specialist, making it a lucrative career. These specialists are often quite busy, working late hours, weekends, and even on holidays.

However, most people prefer a career in this field due to the flexibility and freedom of the job. Another great benefit of becoming a skincare specialist is the relationships you can build with your clients and the high income it generates.

3. Makeup Artist or Designer

A makeup artist or designer develops and helps people apply makeup and hair for film, television, and stage projects. Their makeup and hair ideas must be in unison with the stage mood, setting lighting, and the character. In some cases, the makeup artist also teaches the actors and actresses on set to do their own hair and makeup,

Film and theatre makeup artists must have ample background knowledge in cosmetology and specific arts. This means they should know how the stage settings and lighting will impact the appearance of the makeup and create a look that will look good with the lighting.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, a makeup artist in the performance and theatrical fields earns a median salary of $64,250 per year. You can already make a good living by being a makeup artist.

4. Special Effects Makeup and Hair Artist

There are many types of makeup artists, depending on the field you’d like to specialize in. Special effects makeup and hair artists use cosmetic tools such as prosthetics, makeup, and liquid latex to give actors the appearance of deformities, wounds, and even alien and animal features. You can go back to school to learn about special effects makeup after completing your cosmetology degree.

You can also learn about special effects makeup as a part of your theatre and film degree or as a stand-alone course. This will help you make connections in the beauty industry and create a portfolio. Another great way to build a portfolio is getting an internship after completing your training.

An internship will help you learn the tricks of the trade. A well-built portfolio will help you land more jobs as a special effects makeup artist. Most employers in this field will consider your portfolio before they make a hiring decision.

5. Modelling

Modeling is a great career choice in the beauty industry, and it can be both rewarding and stressful. Fortunately for armature models, Instagram and other social media platforms are a great place to improve their audience reach and boost their profiles. Most successful models have used social media to boost their portfolios and have seen success.

There are many benefits of becoming a model. These may include flexible working hours and good pay. However, there are also a lot of disadvantages to becoming a model.

Modeling isn’t just about wearing cute outfits and pausing for shoots. It includes wearing uncomfortable clothing for the wrong season and a lot of waiting around for photographers. Sometimes, the model may not even get paid for their work, which can be quite frustrating.

Becoming a model requires a lot of patience, confidence, and thick skin. You can’t succeed in a day. You need to build a portfolio, network with other successful models, and send your professional photos to potential employers.

6. Tattoos and Piercings

Tattoos and piercing artists are in high demand today. This career choice requires a combination of aesthetics and artistic talents. Unfortunately, there is no straight path to becoming a tattoo artist, and every state has different licensing laws.

Usually, businesses offering tattoo and piercing services must meet harsh state standards. These standards include hygiene, tools used and their care, types of piercings and tattoos offered, and the age of their clients. Starting a business in this field requires professional training through a piercing or tattoo school then getting an apprenticeship.

Additionally, you can also go to school to become a tattoo remover. Majoring in tattoo removal requires professional training and on-the-job experience. This helps you understand how best to perform the job. You should also study the different types of tattoos, skin types, and laser tattoo removal tools.

7. Beauty Products Manufacturing and Distribution

One of the essential beauty industry careers is product manufacturing and distribution. There are many opportunities in this field. These jobs may include manufacturing positions, cosmetic chemists, and beauty product packaging.

Cosmetic chemists use their scientific knowledge, training, and research to create formulas for beauty products such as lipsticks and foundations. They also help manufacturers comply with state and federal regulatory guidelines and establish quality control measures when creating beauty products.

On the other hand, people in advanced manufacturing positions work in beauty product manufacturing plants at different levels during the production cycle. The cycle includes sourcing ingredients, creating the product, and packaging for distribution into the market.

These jobs may also include sales positions that involve selling and marketing beauty products. You can sell to salons, boutiques, and retailers on behalf of the manufacturer.

8. Cosmetic Surgeons

Cosmetic surgery is becoming a bigger trend today, thanks to Hollywood movies. A cosmetic surgeon is among the highest-paying jobs today. 

Cosmetic surgeons help reconstruct different parts of the body and change their appearance based on clients’ preferences. These specialists have the power to change an individual’s appearance. Becoming a cosmetic surgeon gives you the satisfaction of changing someone’s life for the better. This is the rewarding aspect of the job.

9. Barber

Barber jobs are in high demand because many people require hair-trimming and cutting services. A barber is responsible for trimming, cutting, coloring, and styling a client’s hair based on their instructions, grooming, and fitting needs. Additionally, barbers should also provide clients with hairstyle suggestions and hair care tips.

To be a successful barber, you should provide facial hair grooming services to your clients. You should also keep track of new and emerging hair trends and styles. Check out this site for barber jobs today

10. Cosmetic Dentistry

Modern cosmetic dentistry helps people change their smiles and improve the appearance of their teeth. Typical cosmetic dentist jobs include veneers, teeth whitening, implants, and fillings. 

A cosmetic dentist’s responsibilities also include educating patients on how to maintain dental care and oral hygiene. According to a report, the median annual salary of a dental specialist, including a cosmetic dentist, is $183,300.

Beauty Industry Jobs You Should Consider

Every day, beauty industry trends keep changing depending on the current atmosphere. The best way to keep up with the industry’s happenings is to check out beauty industry news. However, there are many blossoming careers in the beauty industry.

These beauty industry jobs include barber jobs, cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, tattoo, piercing artists, and modeling. Finding a job that meets your requirements in this robust industry is easy. All you need is to work hard and know what you want.

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