Tips for Going on a Road Trip With Your Newborn

Tips for Going on a Road Trip With Your Newborn

Tips for Going on a Road Trip With Your Newborn

Are you planning a road trip with your newborn? If so, it's normal to be nervous, as driving long distances with an infant can be stressful. But a little careful planning can make the journey a memorable one. We’ve provided some valuable tips to help make your trip as smooth as possible.

Pack carefully for your trip.

Pack only the right essentials in your newborn’s carry-on. Bring plenty of baby wipes, diapers, and nappies. Aim to take more than you need to prevent getting stuck in the middle of nowhere without diapers or wipes. Aside from diaper changes, you can use wipes to cool your baby’s face and for quick hand washes.

Furthermore, pack necessary feeding supplies into your baby’s carry-on. Make sure you bring enough powder formula and a thermos of hot water if that’s what your newborn drinks. Endeavor to also pack fresh blankets and towels, as they can also come in handy on a road trip.

If you’re breastfeeding, consider packing extra water and snacks. Eating regularly and drinking plenty of water will help you stay hydrated and accelerate your milk production. You may decide to bring a portable ice machine or ice maker to produce ice cubes.

A notable choice is the Countertop Ice Maker that comes outfitted with a 2.2-liter water reservoir. The machine features BPA-free parts and components. Interestingly, the practical ice maker has a storage capacity of 1.5 pounds of ice cubes. When the ice melts, the device channels the water back into the water supply. The best part is that the Countertop Ice Maker comes with a one-year warranty.

Consider taking a breast pump.

Traveling by road with your newborn involves its own set of challenges. You’ll be separated from your baby for extended periods while driving, making it practically impossible to breastfeed directly. Fortunately, you can use a breast pump to extract and store breast milk. This mechanical device helps to ensure that your baby is adequately fed even while on the road.

Today, a manual pump is gradually giving way to battery-powered and electric ones. Generally, breastfeeding moms face a dilemma between buying the Elvie or Willow pump.

Both pumps can fit directly into your nursing bra, regardless of the bra design. One significant difference is that the Willow pump uses a milk bag or reusable container to store breastmilk. In contrast, Elvie (a wearable breast pump) has a larger capacity than the Willow wearable breast pump.

Whatever you choose, you’ll be getting a hands-free pump that doubles as an electric breast pump. The absence of wires allows you to pump with absolute freedom. You can plan each pump session for every stop you make to refuel your vehicle. The bottom line is that a breast pump is a critical item to bring for a road trip with your newborn.

Have the vehicle inspected by a certified mechanic.

Safety should be your topmost priority when taking a road trip with your newborn. That said, use the days leading up to the big day to prepare your vehicle. It would be best to have your car inspected by a professional mechanic or dealership, especially if you're planning to drive a significant distance.

The inspection can help you identify and mitigate any vehicle-related problems. Come to think of it, encountering the problem in the middle of your journey can put you and your baby at significant risk. It’s better to repair or replace any faulty motor parts to prevent a total breakdown on the road.

Endeavor to have the heat and air conditioning thoroughly inspected. You’ll want your car to be as comfortable as possible for your baby. You may choose to buy removable sun shades for your car windows to shield your baby from direct sunlight. Finally, remove any harmful objects in the vicinity of your baby’s car seat.