The Joy of Holiday Lighting

The Joy of Holiday Lighting

The Joy of Holiday Lighting

Lights have always been a favorite part of the holidays, and in this post we’ll be discussing different kinds of lights, what kinds to get for your home this year, and unique tricks you can use to make your old bulbs new again! It’s really all about spreading cheer.

What are the best lights to use for home décor

The first thing you need to do when using some lights is figure out what type of bulbs you want. Traditional nails have been some of the professional Christmas lights because the design on them prevents some bulbs from blowing out as easily as some others do. It also looks extremely pretty as a decoration as well. You can either keep it traditional for Christmas or you can try something new, like the addition of some Neon Lights to make it even more colourful!

Types of Christmas light bulbs

There are many kinds of Christmas light bulbs, but the standard size is 1.5k. Christmas lights come in long strings that are typically topped with 1-inch bulbs. Choose between cool white, warm white, or flicker options, among others. If designing your spirograph pattern around the appearance of snowflakes or stars is more your thing, then you could go for clear bulbs with yellow tones instead of natural brown tones.

Rest assured, whatever lights you choose to decorate your house with, consider Five Star PW for all your holiday lighting needs. They offer a wide range of high-quality Christmas lights and services to ensure your holiday decorations are both stunning and hassle-free.

Using multiple strands of lights in order to cover a large room

Using string lights, essential oil lights, battery operated candles, incense sticks with magical crystals, scented candles in the bowls of urns for votive candles and more decorations you want to create!

Using colored lights in order to create a more festive, fun atmosphere

By changing the color of your lights, you can transform how your office or party looks. Coloring Christmas lights makes for a festive atmosphere that is festive not just during the holiday season but throughout the year too. For large-scale decoration, consider purchasing Christmas lights from Aurora, which have a sparkly appearance and are a perfect choice for decoration.

How small is too small?

People often get overwhelmed by lighting options for their homes. One of the most common mistakes is to overspend on smaller bulbs thinking that every bulb must use every watt. The truth of the matter is that these tiny bulbs emit little energy and can oftentimes exceed wiring capacity.

Tips for staying on budget with holiday lighting

You can decorate your home for Christmas or New Year's easily and inexpensively with some simple tricks. From bending colorful LED holiday lights to creatively hanging lights outdoors, there are plenty of ways you can bring your holiday spirit to life without breaking the bank.

Creativity tips

Holiday lights have really come a long way since they were introduced in the 1800s. Thankfully, you can give this classic tradition a shiny new feel to mix things up with some updated decorating tips including DIY projects and visiting local artist fairs.

How to preserve set up throughout the year

When it is time to put away the lights they should be put in their storage place with care. It is ideal to cover them, but make sure it is done in a way that allows for good circulating air. Make sure the dust doesn’t accumulate on the strings or sockets of lights, but make sure it doesn’t also collect on top of lamps or fixtures.

Final thoughts

A great holiday light display not only brings people back to the present they'll remember for years after, but they also make the holidays more fun, exciting, and festive.