The 10 Most Beautiful Places to Go on a Cruise

The 10 Most Beautiful Places to Go on a Cruise

Top 10 Cruise Destinations in the World

Cruises are one of the best ways to travel and see the world. Like a road trip, the journey is just as much a part of the holiday as the destination. With restaurants, shops, bars, swimming pools, lounge areas, and much more, cruise ships are a luxurious place to be. However, your cruise destination is still an important part of your trip, and you want to make sure you know the best places you should visit. Here are 10 of the top cruise destinations in the world!


Cruise along Italy's famed boot shape to discover Western Europe's highlights. You can embark on romantic gondola rides on the Venetian waterways, stroll through Venice's picturesque streets and admire the bridges.

As one of the most charming cities in Puglia, Taranto is home to a lovely historical town center, a beautiful beach, and an impressive archeological museum that displays the world's most extensive collection of Greek terracotta artifacts. You can also visit ancient cave dwellings near Matera called Sassi di Matera.

Start on a cruise around Italy, and you'll experience popular destinations like Naples, where you can sample the city's famous pizza. Explore the ruins of Pompeii, Rome, the Eternal City, filled with culture and history, and Florence, where art, architecture and food flourish.


A cruise to Japan boasts ancient history, stunning scenery, and delectable cuisine, all worth exploring. Discover the beautiful, ancient architecture and traditional design in Tokyo. The iconic Mount Fuji dominates the Japanese landscape. As you get to know this natural wonder, you will understand why the Japanese consider it sacred.

Take a picture of the golden pavilion or the vermilion torii gates of the Fushimi Inari Shrine or visit one of Kyoto’s 2,000 temples and monasteries. You can also eat some incredible Japanese food here. In addition to visiting the sake brewery in Kochi, you can explore the history of the samurai sword or visit the ancient caves of Okinawa.


The nature lovers who adore Iceland will not be disappointed on a cruise there. While in Iceland, you will be able to see majestic waterfalls, soak in the country's famous hot springs, explore the beautiful national parks, and maybe even see the Northern Lights

The Caribbean

The Caribbean is a top cruising destination at any time of year since it has sunny weather year-round and plenty of beautiful beaches to choose from. Experience the culture of two different countries on St. Maarten, the Eastern Caribbean island, where Dutch and French influences are evident in food and architecture. You can also go jet-skiing and snorkeling on Maho or Orient Beach, two of the most popular beaches.

Grand Case Beach offers gentle swimming in its calm, turquoise waters, making it a perfect place for a quiet afternoon. Take a cruise to Costa Maya in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula if you'd like to explore the Western side of the Caribbean. Relax on its sandy beaches and enjoy a tropical cocktail while you are on vacation.

Swim underwater, snorkel, or scuba dive to discover the diverse coral reefs. Then, get a feeling of tranquility by experiencing a healing ritual performed by a Mayan shaman or visiting a nearby archeological site.

Panama Canal

A cruise through the Panama Canal will give you a glimpse of this engineering marvel. See for yourself how the Panama Canal's design has shaped how it operated for more than a century. Its intricate locks provide passage for massive ships through the narrow canal without causing any damage. 


One of the best cruise destinations in the world is Alaska, thanks to its wild terrain, majestic wildlife, and breathtaking glaciers. You can admire icebergs and glaciers from a stateroom's veranda as you sail through the Inside Passage. Hubbard Glacier's calving is a natural phenomenon that causes ice blocks to fall to the water below, creating a loud crash.

Discover cities like Juneau and Skagway, where you can take a whale-watching tour or ride a bicycle through a rainforest. Ketchikan offers a chance to see ancient totem poles or experience dog sled races.

Take a cruise tour through Alaska's interior to take in its natural beauty. Denali National Park, cruising on a sternwheeler along the Chena River, and riding the Wilderness Express offer relaxing ways to see Alaska's incredible scenery.


Antarctica is one of the world's most popular cruise destinations this year, so you might want to consider it. Schollart Channel sailing offers you a chance to see humpback whales, leopard seals, and beautiful ice flows.

In addition to the spectacular beauty of the penguins and ice scenery, Minke whales can also be spotted in Paradise Bay. Besides being a famous feeding ground for whales, Dieter Strait also has an abundance of plankton. Finally, visit Elephant Island to witness for yourself all the species of penguins, seals, and birds.

Greek Islands

Find out about Greece's endless beauty by joining a cruise through the Greek islands. Visit Hydra and Zakynthos while on the cruise. A cruise around Greece includes stops in as many as ten ports, including the iconic islands of Santorini and Mykonos and some lesser-known ones like Thessaloniki and Chania.

The quiet island of Hydra is one of the most popular attractions in Greece. Unlike on other islands, this picturesque isle is untouched by cars, scooters, or bicycles. Instead, small seaside restaurants and colorful flowers fill the streets with happiness.

Zakynthos, known as Zante in Italian, is an island with limestone cliffs with spectacular views of the sparkling blue water below. The island offers many outdoor restaurants, where you can dine on fresh seafood and white wine, along with swimming in the Ionian Sea.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a popular travel destination with its breathtaking natural beauty, exciting extreme sports, world-renowned cities, and romantic wine regions. New Zealand's Bay of Islands is a group of 144 islands located off the northern coast of the country’s North Island.

Bay of Islands beaches, surf-worthy waves, and big game fishing are some of its most prominent features. In addition, there are several fascinating artifacts and experiences to explore there for those interested in Maori culture and history. During an exciting day in port, take advantage of kayaking, scuba diving, or parasailing shore excursions to help get your adrenaline pumping.

Galapagos Islands

Discover the Galapagos Islands during your sailing excursion, where you can swim with sea lions, see 500-pound giant tortoises, watch colorful birds and penguins in their natural habitat, and encounter marine iguanas. Galapagos Islands animals are not found elsewhere in the world since they are endemic to that area.

Discover the world on a cruise ship

There you go! You can take in wonderful views and experiences on a cruise ship. It truly is one of the best ways to see the world. What are some of your favorite cruise destinations?