Style Your New Career: Your Guide to Becoming a Barber

Style Your New Career: Your Guide to Becoming a Barber

Style Your New Career: Your Guide to Becoming a Barber

Do you have a passion for helping people feel and look their best? Are you a good listener? Can you work in a high-speed environment where there are a lot of other things going on?

If you said yes, then you may want to consider becoming a barber. Being a barber is about more than cutting hair. You create relationships with your clients that can last decades, and even transcend different generations.

You'll need attention to detail and great people skills to succeed in this business. Sound like something you'd be interested in? Learn how to go from interested to employed, below.

Must-Have Barber Skills

We touched on a few things that you'll need to succeed as a barber above. But you'll also need to have a creative eye, a steady hand, and be able to take ideas from clients and turn them into results.

A barber also walks a very fine line between therapist and confessional. So, some psychology background or at least active listening skills will set you up for success.

How Do You Become a Barber?

There are a lot of schools out there, and before you pick one to attend, you need to make sure that barber school is approved by your state's regulatory board.

These school programs can last anywhere from six to eighteen months, depending on how often you can attend classes and do your practice hours. Most barber schools have a salon on-site where people can come get discounted services, which allows barber and haircutting students to have real people to practice on. 

When you're doing your practice hours, you'll have teachers and supervisors nearby at all times, and they build up your tasks so you're not going from nothing to giving someone a complex fade. This real-world practice is essential for your practical exam we'll discuss next. 

Apply for a License

Once you've gone to school and gotten all your practice hours in, you need to complete an application to take the qualifying exam, which is how you get a license. There are fees involved with registering, but they differ per state. 

To apply for the exam, you'll either get information through your school, or you can google your governing body and find the application on their website.

This exam has a timed written section and a practical component, where you'll have to show your skills. Once you pass, then you'll get your liscence mailed to you, and then you can start looking for places that are hiring.

With your license in hand, you can apply and become an employed barber!

Becoming a Barber Can Change Lives

A great haircut can take someone from self-concious to a confident rock star. It's really heart-warming how much difference you can make with one great haircut. 

Think becoming a barber is for you? We can't wait to see those before and after Instagram pics!

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