Staying Healthy in 2021

Staying Healthy in 2021

Staying Healthy in 2021

Staying healthy is not difficult if you prioritize certain aspects of your health. One aspect most people overlook is their oral health. If you need dental care, you can rid sensitive teeth at a Cosmetic Dentist in alhambra. Anyone can reach their peak by making small decisions that add up to big changes. Consider the following suggestions on how to stay healthy this year. 

Vitamins and Supplements

Vitamins and supplements play a very important role in supporting your health. They provide nutrients that you may miss despite trying to work on eating a balanced diet. Different vitamins can help you maintain your health. Vitamin C is known to help support a healthy immune system to keep you from getting sick. B vitamins assist your body in processing your food to create more energy more efficiently. This fuels you in all aspects of life. Different vitamins such as ashwagandha and St. John's Wort even assist your mental health by supporting a positive mood. If you are looking to support all aspects of your health, then consider a multivitamin such as a thrive patch.

A Balanced Diet

To put your health first, you can prioritize maintaining a balanced diet made up of proteins, carbohydrates, and good fats. Try to eat lean proteins like boneless, skinless chicken breast and fish like tilapia or salmon. You can eat red meats, but these can damage your heart when eaten in excess. When preparing your meat, or any other foods, try to minimize the salt you use. In excess, salt has negative effects on your body over time. 

Choose vegetables and fruits in place of other less healthy options. If you are craving something sweet then opt to make yourself "nice cream" or a smoothie with green powder in it. When choosing sides for your meal, choose broccoli or cauliflower instead of mac and cheese or a buttery roll. Vegetables are a practical way to get full while also getting lots of nutrients. 

When you eat carbohydrates, make smarter choices. You can opt for whole-grain bread, rice, and pasta, which can be a more health-conscious choice compared to the alternatives. Also consider eating quinoa, lentils, oats, and barley. There are many different carbohydrate choices, even if you ask yourself what has gluten in it

Fats do not have a great reputation, but they are good for you in moderation. Fats are what fuels your workouts after carbohydrates. When choosing fats, opt for olive oil or coconut oil rather than lard or butter. 

Not only does exercise improve your mood by releasing endorphins in your brain, but exercise also keeps your body fit even as you get older. Using your body and moving your joints can help you fight conditions like arthritis. Exercise such as cardio can improve your heart health as you age. It is recommended that you stretch your body, practice cardio, and weight train every week. A good rule of thumb is to move your body every day for at least thirty minutes. If you go outside while you do it, the sun is also a great source of vitamin D which is necessary for your body to function and can cultivate a positive mood.  


Staying hydrated keeps your body performing the way it should. Drinking water supports a healthy gastrointestinal tract as well as keeps your joints well lubricated. An adult should be drinking anywhere between nine and thirteen cups of water a day, but if you work out it should be more than that. Invest in a reusable water bottle that you carry with you at all times to make staying hydrated easy and fun. 

Rest and Relaxation

Resting and relaxation are just as important as working out and eating well. Rest allows your body to heal from all of the injuries you may accumulate through your day as well as restore all the energy you expend. Relaxation also helps support a healthy mind and stress can actually physically hurt you by lowering your immune system.

 By taking just a few steps this year, you can continue staying healthy and active!