Portable Document Format: pdf combiner

Portable Document Format: pdf combiner

Portable Document Format: pdf combiner

Using pdf files is common nowadays. It can be for school or project work, office documents, or even a simple document. Pdf is created to preserve the formatting of a file so that it can be altered easily. Let’s read more about what a pdf combiner is and its purpose.

Portable Document Format

The word “portable” itself describes the meaning. It means that can be carried anywhere as it is just a software file. Document Format is used to imply that the software is of document format. In other words, it is simply a file that is compressed, cannot be formatted easily, and preserves the text used in the file. Pdf is required for everyday work. Nowadays, as online studying and working from home has become the new norm, so has the pdf combiner. We require combining multiple pdf and then sent them to the teacher/professor, or higher officials. To combine the pdf, we have brought the perfect website suggestion for you. In the website named, pdfsimpli, you can combine multiple pdf combiner and then create them into one.


The pdf combining feature is also available on your PC or laptop but that would require you to buy the premium plan which costs a bomb. To save you from burning a hole in the pocket, you can visit the pdfsimpli website once you have the document ready that is to be converted to pdf. Visit the website and click on upload. Click on the Browse option and then browse through to the location where you have saved the multiple pdf files that is to be converted to a single pdf combiner. Select the file and then click OK. The file will be uploaded. Check your Internet connection if takes more than 3 seconds to get uploaded. The pdf combiner will now combine the multiple ones into a single pdf file. You can download the pdf and save it at any location on your PC. You can also view the pdf before downloading it.

Can’t be altered easily

As we all know that word document scans easily be edited, this is not the same with pdf combiner. For pdf files, you need special software to edit them. This can’t be formatted easily and hence preserves the original formatting. Pdf files are used for easy readability. If you want to change the pdf file contents, you will have to change the pdf combiner file to a word file and then do the formatting. After you are done, you will again have to change the word document to the pdf file which can then be shared and treated as the final one.

The need for pdf files

You might be wondering as to why you require pdf combinerfiles when they can’t be formatted easily. The thing is you require pdf files when you want to share a document or print it and also don’t want it to be formatted easily.

How to use the pdf combiner? 

While you use the merge pdf combiner, you require the files to be selected and uploaded. You can then rearrange the files and keep the unwanted pages and also add new pages if you want to the existing pdf files. You can then magically print, merge and save your document. It is simple and easy to use the pdf combiner.

Pdf Tools

You will have unlimited access to using the pdf tools and can use each of them as you require. You require using the pdf combiner as it is accessible 24 hours a day and can access from anywhere.

Customer Support 

Whenever we buy a product, and if the product is found to be defective at a later stage or is damaged, we wish to experience a smooth customer support experience. To have this experience, we recommend you to use the pdfsimpli website as customer support is available 24 hours a day.

No special expertise needed

If you want to use the pdfsimpli, it is not required to have special expertise for it. You simply need to have the merge pdf website address and know how to interact with the website. Complex pdf files can be combined with an easy interface.

No Downloads of extra files required

You do not need to download any extra add-ons or extension services to use the pdfsimpli. The upload and converting of merge pdf files take place in the cloud and so you ought to have a proper internet connection.

You can become a registered user and log in to use the website. Becoming a registered user will allow the website team to send you regular updates about new features and updates that take place over time.

Additional Features

There are additional features of pdfsimpli. You can compress pdf files, merge pdf, split pdf, convert excel to pdf, covert power-point to pdf, convert pdf to jpg, Convert pdf to png via pdf to png converter, convert pdf to word, and many more. To use all the features you are required to visit the website. We also have access to software like insurance, medical, real estate, human resources, tax and finance pdf, and legal pdf software.


At times, it is difficult to visit the website when you require pdf files every day. To have an alternative, we also have apps namely, Scan Simply and Sign Simply. These apps are compatible with download in all the operating systems. You can visit the play store and the apple store to download the apps. These apps come in handy when you want to use the pdf combiner website daily. This makes your task faster and easier. You can also access the files directly from the application. The website is safe and can be trusted easily. Transactions take place on the website securely as it is SSL certified.


As we have come to the end of this article, we have read about the portable document format, the different merge pdf features available on the website. We also read about why we require having pdf every day and how it is beneficial for us to use the pdfsimpli website.

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