How To Stay Trendy With New Music

How To Stay Trendy With New Music

How To Stay Trendy With New Music

In today's day and age with catalysts such as the internet, globalism and more, it seems as though new music is being released constantly. Not only this, but with the internet and other catalysts in the music industry, it seems as though new music is constantly reaching the top of the charts and then falling away just as quickly. If you want to stay trendy in music, there are a few things you can do. When it comes to sound, you should make your own music. The next step is to become part of the newest trends in the industry. You can start by listening to other people’s music and taking notes on what sounds good and what doesn't. This information will help you find out what is currently popular and will also give you ideas for new genres that may be showing up in the near future.Essentially, if you are the kind of person who likes to stay up to date on what is popular in music on a weekly or even daily basis, you know just how tricky it can be to stay up to date. If you are struggling with this, then here are some ways you can stay trendy with new music!

Attend Music Festivals

Oftentimes, right before a band makes a huge break and starts trending, they will get invited and booked onto the festival circuit with other already trendy acts. Buying a ticket to a nearby music festival can be a fun way for you to explore up and coming acts, who tend to play earlier in the day on smaller stages, and for you to enjoy what is trendy coming from already popular musicians. You can discover new foods, friends and music all among like minded people. A great thing about festivals is that the people who run them understand that they need to have a broad range of acts, so they will have every genre from soft rock to metal to indie pop. For so many reasons, buying a ticket to one or multiple festivals will give you the upper hand when it comes to new trends.

Get a Streaming Service

Streaming services allow you to pay a monthly fee, or annual fee, to access thousands upon thousands of songs, albums and artists at any time day or night. They also tend to make curated playlists with up and coming artists which they update frequently. Typically this job falls onto the younger interns, and as we all know younger people have their fingers on the pulse of trends before practically anyone else. If you follow one of these playlists, you will get updates when songs are added which immediately opens you up to discovering new songs from new artists.

Utilize the Internet

It is simply a fact that we live in the age of the internet and because of that, the music industry is irreversibly changed. However, you can use this to your advantage. Before musicians get signed to a major label who will handle their public image, distribution and more, they will usually try however they can to get their art out there into the world and get people interested in them as a musician. This is where you can come onto the scene and find brand new artists who will eventually be trendy. You can use websites such as udou.ph to find the top music of the week. You can finally be one of those people who can say "oh, you've never heard of this song?"

Be Old Fashioned

The tried and true form of finding new music prior to the internet is still accessible to anyone with a radio signal. Yes, the radio is still around and practically every sizable city tends to have a hits station, rock station, country station and indie station. No matter what genre you would like to be hip in, you can always get in your car, scan that radio and drive around while you reap the benefits of not only finding new music but rediscovering old music as well. It is quite possible that the next trending song is going to be one released over thirty years ago!

Take it to the Magazines

The last tip for you is to get online and check music oriented magazines websites for updated articles or reviews of new albums. Platforms such as Pitchfork and Rolling Stones make it their job to review new music and explore currently trending stuff. So, as long as you are willing to read some articles to find what is trending, you are bound to find some good music!