How to start your beauty center? 4 tips for you

How to start your beauty center? 4 tips for you

How to start your beauty center? 4 tips for you

You are about to open a beauty center or you are looking around to try to replace your current supplier who does not satisfy you.

Where to start?

The first thought that you absolutely must make is that this choice is the one that will affect your entire career path, since you are deciding who will actually become your business partner, to whom you will entrust results and reputation.

So devote your time, focus and resources to this research.

The fields of your survey will be 4 and exactly:

Products, Technologies, Services, Training.

  1. Cosmetic products

Cosmetic products are the living and beating heart of your business, your business card, your first guarantee of success, the foundation on which to build income and reputation.

They must be of the highest quality: make sure you investigate the company you are about to enter; go and visit it, let them tell you about the origin of the active ingredients, ask if they deal with organic products, ask them to explain the production chain, the origin of the formulas, ask if you can see the laboratory and production (you understand many things ...)

They must be functional: they must absolutely guarantee you the results you expect, able to satisfy you and the client, whatever goal you want to achieve together.

They must be safe: that is, they must ensure maximum tolerability and balance of formulation and a guaranteed control over the entire production chain, from the active ingredient to the finished product. Perhaps one of the best examples is what Candid Cosmedics has to offer. The company offers a wide range of cosmetic services that meet the highest safety standards in the global cosmetic industry.

They must be sensorial: that is, they must combine a guaranteed result with that pleasantness of the senses that makes the beauty treatment a magical moment for the client, where everything is designed for her well-being and which passes from texture to aroma.

  1. The technologies

It goes without saying that the customer inquires, reads, talks with friends and knows that today, to obtain "amazing" results, the aid of technologies is necessary. To be competitive, you must therefore necessarily complete your proposal with all those highly requested technologies that help you in an irreplaceable way in the task of guaranteeing the results that the customer requires.

  1. The services

The services represent everything concerning your protection, they are the ones that give you security, they are the answers to questions and solutions to problems. Services are "the people you can count on".

- Assistance and advice from a trained and reliable business consultant.

- Interventions by Beauty Specialists during your Open Days to help you in sales and training.

- A Business and Marketing specialist at your disposal to study ad hoc campaigns and help you with the economic management of the center.

- A call center always available for every need.

  1. Training

What do I mean? That if you have ascertained that all the points we have talked about so far are satisfied, without training you are in front of a giant with feet of clay. He can't stand up.

Then ask for detailed information on the entire training course, for you and your staff, which must necessarily develop into two broad categories: Technical training and Marketing and business training

Technical training is what allows you to work immediately at your best. Remember that you have to repeat the technical courses at least once every two years, because the products change, the work protocols are renewed and some secrets are often forgotten.