How To Spot A Fake Vape Cartridge?

How To Spot A Fake Vape Cartridge?

How to Spot a Fake Vape Cartridge?

It’s been the headlines of September 2021, that a number of new individuals using THC cartridges have suffered from illness and as a result, many died by using Tetrahydrocannabinol cartridges that are licensed to be legitimate but are actually fake.

These so-called contaminated cartridges are purchased online from manufacturers and sold at cheap rates with un-authenticated packaging using unauthenticated thc carts. In order to keep yourself safe from these fake products make sure to understand the ways to buy authenticated THC cartridges and vape kits, etc.

Feel the Sensation and Know the Difference:

If you are a user then you probably know the difference between real and fake THC cartridges respectively. For instance, the use of THC in your vape kits or cartridges gives you high sensations. 

But if you are not having that anymore, then you should throw that away immediately before it can damage your health in any possible way.

Authentication Ways to Track Fake THC Cartridges:

Today I am going to elaborate on ways to track fake THC vape kits, cartridges, edibles, oil, tinctures, capsules and more. I have listed some important points below:

  • Does the Seller have a License
  • Check the Packaging Quality
  • The Certificate of Analysis
  • Check the Ingredients
  • Buy CBD Products with Confidence

Does the Seller have a Licence?

All CBD manufacturers are strictly notified by law to have a licence to sell CBD products such as e-liquids, vape kits, tinctures, edibles, etc. Manufacturers who intend to produce e-liquid to sell in the United Kingdom and EU, have to undergo rigorous testing and adhere to strict guidelines as outlined by the Tobacco Product Directive (TPD).

If a seller of Vape Kits in the UK claims to be authorised, he has to be affiliated with and ties with the officials like UKVIA (United Kingdom Vaping Industry Association) or CLEAR (Cannabis Law Reform).

After the confirmation and authentication by UKVIA and CLEAR, there is satisfaction about the products which you consume.

Check the Packaging Quality:

Packaging can be your knight in shining armour. Because the packaging is the authentic way to decide if a product is of premium quality or fake. How? The CBD products are more likely very expensive and high qualified for being ruined very easily. By the way, the official THC products will have the following information:

  • Package Date
  • Batch Number
  • Manufacturing Date
  • Lot Number
  • QR Code

The very first thing you should look at on any box is its logo/packaging icon. The printed icons are mandatory that the state requires each box to have printed on it. The use of a QR code is the best way to get all the details of the package and authenticate from fake ones. 

The QR code is the best indicator that indicates that the product is 100% legal, legit, tested, and safe. Any box that lacks any of the information is most likely a fake, illegal THC cartridge and should never be used.

Therefore, it’s absurd to deliver in a box without any authorised stamp. For instance, take an example of a product like Elux Legend 3500 Puff. Now, this product is a little expensive and contains high-quality e-liquid. Therefore, its packaging should contain some steps like,

  • Matte Pattern Coating
  • Rigid Material Packaging
  • Use of Insertions
  • Lamination
  • No Printing Overlapping

If you don’t understand the concepts of great Elux Legend 3500 Puff’ packaging in detail. Let me help you a little.

Matte Pattern Coating:

Matte Pattern coating is designed to give your products a premium feel. It is a light absorber product and gives a rugged feel while laying your hand on it. This feature is more expensive than other packaging services which explain the quality of the product inside.

Rigid Material Packaging:

A rigid material is also called the father of product packaging. Because first of all it is made from cardstock and cardboard layers which makes it a strong substance. Spending this much money on cartridge packaging turns the tables about the quality of your product.

Use of Insertions:

If you buy a package of THC cartridges containing more than one product. You should understand the packaging standards. And the use of inserts in the box is the best way to understand authenticated products. For instance, if you order multiple Elux Legend 3500 Puff products and their vape kits in a box they have to include inserts in its packaging.

There are two types of Fences:

  • Punch Inserts
  • Fence Inserts

Punch Inserts:

This type of insert is cut according to the shape of the product which intimately turns out to be the best grip for the product while shipping or transportation from city to city.

Fence Inserts:

This insert is the best way to separate the products from each other. Because CBD products are very sensitive while shipping therefore if your packaging contains fence inserts then admit that’s a real product.

No Printing Overlapping and Lamination:

Printing overlapping of your THC cartridge is the worst and cranky way to judge the quality of your product. For example, if the product’s packaging labels and description are mixed up or not laminated then the product inside is fake. You have to complain to UKVIA and throw the product away before someone else uses it and gets ill.

The Certification and Analysis:

Cannabinoids are available in several strengths, unfortunately, they are not all that they say they are. A recent report by the BBC network tested CBD products in the UK to analyse cannabinoid quality, and it was found only 38% of the CBD products contain the legal element of 0.2% THC in them which was quite shocking. And the remaining CBD products contained more than 10% level of THC within the concentration of the amount advertised. However, some of the products include the solvent dichloromethane at a higher rate than food safety limits allow.

Therefore, buyers have to demand a certificate of analysis before buying the products which will eventually tell you the purity and the level of CBD found in your product.

Check the Ingredients:

The ingredients of your vape are a hugely important aspect of whether what you vape will be safe or not. To concur with this case, it is very obvious to know about the major ingredients of vape which are:

  • Propylene Glycol (PG)
  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

More like, these mentioned above products add with the range of 50% each in a vape. These are the liquids used to dilute the CBD flavourings, which essentially provide you with a smooth and consistent vaping experience. Aside from the cannabinoids, diluents, and flavourings being the evidence of CBD natural flavour, your vape cartridge shouldn’t contain anything else.

Buy CBD Products with Confidence:

The best way to stay safe from fake CBD products is to stay away from any black market or flea market. To buy a product from these markets could contain anything who knows. Taking a look at the product and via its packaging, it could seem tempting at the moment but beware it’s not and could be anything, so stay away from them. It’s an obvious precaution to act upon.

There is a scary world out there and fake products will do anything to sell their products on a regular scale whatsoever, their ways of selling will always boggle the mind. So, my advice is to read those mentioned above guidelines and know your products. It’s your money and your health and it’s the best thing so far.