How to Spend an Adventurous Weekend in Phoenix

How to Spend an Adventurous Weekend in Phoenix

How to Spend an Adventurous Weekend in Phoenix

Adventurous Weekend in Phoenix

Phoenix is the most vibrant state capital of Arizona and there are many fun things that you can do in this city. The most prominent features of this city are the Golf courses and nightclubs that never go to sleep. You will get to see sunshine and warm weather all year long in this city and that is why it is the perfect vacation spot, and you will have the time of your life whenever you visit to unwind and relax. 

It is suggested that you see the most memorable attractions and spend at least three days in Phoenix to get the most out of your experience by spending your vacation here.

This article will tell you how to spend an adventurous week in Phoenix.

The Eateries 

You should start your vacation in Phoenix with dinner on Shibay. It is a charming place and contemporary Japanese restaurant, and you will be able to enjoy a wide variety of delicious food here, including sushi. You can also get some drinks and have fun at Arizona wildness Brewing co. 

They have a Beer Garden in which you can enjoy a locally produced cocktail and wine. 

The Monarch Theatre 

The next thing that you should do at the start of your vacation is visiting the Monarch theatre. It is the best place to see if you are a fan of dance clubs with state-of-the-art lights and high energy.

40th Street Café

On the second day of your vacation in Phoenix, you should visit 40th Street Cafe for breakfast. It is a classic American Diner with the best traditional breakfast food that you can enjoy in Phoenix and fantastic coffee. Having a tremendous breakfast to kickstart will fill you up with a lot of energy and enthusiasm to get the most out of your vacation in Phoenix. 

Hike to the Botanical Gardens

After breakfast, you should go for a hike at the Desert Botanical Garden, in which you will get to see stunning views.

Mountain Bike Tour 

There are many clubs and that take you out on adventurous mountain bike tours. You can bike on a 300-mile trail through the scenic Sonoran Desert in Phoenix. Mountain bike tours in Phoenix are an opportunity to explore the natural beauty of the region.

Hole in the Rock 

After that, you can also visit Hole in the Rock, a fascinating geological cluster with many open spaces and photographing options.

Trip to the Zoo

If your kids are going along with you, you should spend an afternoon at the Phoenix Zoo, which is the perfect entertainment spot for your children. The best thing about this issue is that it features more than 3000 different types of animals, and some of them are even endangered and threatened species which will be an exciting visit for you. 

Butterfly Wonderland

After visiting the zoo, you can visit butterfly Wonderland. You will get to see vibrant species of butterflies from all over the world, which you have never seen before.

Alo cafe

When it is your last morning in Phoenix, and you only have 24 hours to spend over here, you should start your breakfast at Alo Cafe. You will get to see many influences on many choices over here and enjoy delicious dishes like corn beef and hash browns. 

Phoenix Art Museum 

After you are done with breakfast, you can have fascinating memories by visiting Phoenix Art Museum.

Spending a weekend in Phoenix will be a great idea as you will be presented with many options, whether you travel with friends or family.