How To Plan A Perfect Marriage Proposal

How To Plan A Perfect Marriage Proposal

How To Plan A Perfect Marriage Proposal

So, you’ve decided to make things official and put a ring on it- Congratulations are in order.

Planning a proposal can get overwhelming, if not planned carefully. There are a ton of things that can go wrong, try to straighten them out first. 

Making a precise yet effective plan can be your guide in this path. Be very sure of how you want to go about it and then decide on things before starting work on them.

Read the room

Before you take the big decision of going down on one knee, make sure you and your partner are on the same page. Don't rush into it, ask yourself whether you are ready for it or not. Don't assume, make sure to have a conversation regarding the same with your close ones. 


Choosing a location is a crucial part of this plan. The location you choose can elevate your proposal to memorable, and emotional. Having to decide on a place where you and your partner have been together. You can make a list of places memorable to you, and then choose the most significant one.

Picking a location that has meaning for both of you is the key here. The first time you met, or the place you first realized your feelings. Pick wisely.

Make it intimate 

Think carefully about what your partner likes and how they react to different situations. These can be vital clues as to how to make your proposal more intimate and personal.

Make your proposal center on a night depending on how you want your partner to feel. It can be an indoor intimate thing or a night out. Take a deep breath, because you already know your partner. So, this task can be handled easily without getting this overly complicated.

Moment capturing

This is one of the most crucial parts of both your and your partners’ lives. You do not want to miss a moment such as this. Hiring someone for this picture-perfect moment can be a good idea. These types of moments can be long-lasting, and such a moment needs to be captured, to cherish later on.

If you want to share this memorable moment with your dear ones, keep them close and capture it as well. Pictures can make the perfect memories; they help us relive the moments which are etched in our hearts forever.

 Put a Ring on it

Choosing a ring is just as important a part of the proposal. If you haven’t had the discussion of the ring with your partner, and are thinking about keeping the proposal a complete surprise, a close friend can be your rescue.

Someone who knows your partner’s taste and choice thoroughly can be your guide, in choosing the perfect ring. You can always go for pavé rings when thinking about going ring shopping. This type of ring setting is the one, in which the shank of the ring is lined with small diamonds. 

Pavé rings can be your ideal partner when you want to go for a class ring.


When you think about taking the plunge, you can be overwhelmed by the idea, or make this day memorable for both of you. This proposal depends on how detailed you plan it, and also how well you know your partner.

This can be very special to both of you, so be ready to handle some emotional outbursts. This is a situation which comes once in a lifetime and having this moment, that close to perfect can be very crucial for your coming times.