How to Manifest what you want; a guide

How to Manifest what you want; a guide


“You attract what you think and are”

You have heard those words all your life. From parents, teachers, friends, even strangers. It has been repeated over and over again until the words became threadbare and the message became banal. The hard thing to contend with, though, is that those words are probably the truest words you shall ever hear. You CAN attract what you want simply by manifesting it into existence, a simple process that can be learnt from a manifestation course. Life is naturally very tumultuous; it has been likened to being tossed from a really high bridge and then just falling endlessly until you land. Many fall through life and allow the waves to carry them wherever it leads. These people move around bitter and angry at the world and pessimistic and broken. Other people however, take charge of their lives by maintaining a positive attitude and attracting goodwill and love and success all through. These people are generally happier than the others. They do this by manifesting. Manifesting is the process by which a person turns their dreams into reality. Does that sound far-fetched? It should not. In every law of nature, bright and vibrant entities attract other things their way. This is how manifesting works.

How manifesting works

Manifesting is the process of making your dreams come true. Such dreams might include things you want in the long-term or in the nearest future possible. You can decide to manifest money, love, success, goodwill, and a host of other amazing things that can make you happier. It is a step by step process, but surely, you would get what you want in the end. The steps for attraction are easy

  • Change your mindset

A low self-esteem is a sure sign of an unhappy life. To successfully manifest your visions into reality, you have to ensure that you believe you are 100% worthy and deserving of good things. After all, this whole process is hinged on attracting the things you think about. If you are constantly beating yourself down, procrastinating, or imposing imposter’s syndrome on yourself, you would not be able to draw the virtues that you want for yourself. A change of mindset is very important.

  • Confer clarity to your dreams and visualize them

Clarity is important in any endeavour. Without it, the details get muddled up and midway through the whole thing, you find out that you do not even know what you are really gunning for again. This is why you must visualize your dreams and make them very clear-cut, a mantra that can be drummed into your head over and over again. There are many ways through which you can visualize and clarify your dreams. You can do this by writing. Research has shown that this is a good way to help with memory. When you write down your goals, abstract thoughts become structured and after reading what you have written, you can then have what you want in clear terms in your head. Other ways of gaining clarity can be through doing things like: drawing, writing in a journal, creating a vision board, etc. You also have to be very specific. When manifesting, you cannot just chase after vague abstracts and expect the universe to shift to accommodate your requests. You have to be very clear about what you want. 

  • Believe and find the inner alignment necessary to empower your manifestation

This is perhaps, the most important per of manifesting. Some people find out that, when they go with their manifestations processes, they do not get the outcome they want. This is because of a lack of believe. For people who are new to manifestation especially, they go into the process tentatively, like an experiment, not believing it would work but trying it anyway. Doubts have no place in manifestation. One also has to find the necessary alignment within to help the manifestation process. You can undergo a manifesting course to find out more about the inner-alignment method of manifesting.

  • Engage in action

This is an underrate part of the steps needed to manifest things and make them reality. The universe does not reward lazy people. You have to be worthy of it, out yourself in the right places at the right time. Taking action that would improve the chances of your dreams becoming a reality would not only help the manifestation process along, it would also speed it exponentially. You would also get a lot of experience along the way. If you are manifesting a promotion at work, then it is time to start learning new skills and updating your resume. If you are manifesting money, then you should be working on how to increase your income. The process of manifesting would be helped if you are taking action to achieve it.

Manifestation is such a powerful thing. We do hope you have good fortune and good luck with your endeavours.