How to Have Safe Casual Sex: Safety Tips for Women

How to Have Safe Casual Sex: Safety Tips for Women

How to Have Safe Casual Sex: Safety Tips for Women


There really shouldn’t be anything wrong with casual sex. It’s just two people who are attracted to each other getting it on!

But let’s be real for a minute: society tells us that women who practice casual sex are ‘easy’ or ‘slutty’ – you get the point. But it really doesn’t have to be this way. 

So long as you’re responsible and look out for yourself, milf cams should be something to enjoy You might even meet the man of your dreams, as one in four one-night stands actually lead to long-term relationships. 

If you’re a woman having casual sex, here are nine safety tips that will ensure you protect yourself when you meet and fuck

Always protect yourself. 

It sounds like an obvious place to start, but it’s the most important thing when it comes to casual sex. Don’t rely on the man to bring protection! 

Condoms are between 80-95% effective at protecting you from STDs and pregnancy and are an absolute must if you’re contemplating a one-night stand. Keep some in your bag before heading out, so you don’t get caught short. 

If you’re worried about falling pregnant while enjoying casual sex, it’s a good idea to take a pill as well as using a condom. This might seem overkill, but doubling up on the protection ensures you reduce your risk of contracting an STD and falling pregnant. 

Routinely test for STDs. 

If you have sex with different partners regularly, make sure you get yourself tested for STDs. Why? Because the more lovers you have, the higher the chance you have of contracting an infection. 

Many STDs don’t bear any symptoms and can cause issues with fertility later in life if left untreated. Go for a test every three months to be on the safe side, and if you have a bad feeling about a particular encounter, it’s best to get tested to put your mind at ease. 

Tell someone where you’re going. 

Whether you’re hooking up with a guy you met online, or someone you met at a bar, tell your best friend where you’re going. 

Having sex with a stranger is nothing to be afraid of, but you should confide in someone where you’re going in case something does go wrong. 

Do it sober. 

Having a drunken one-night stand is not ideal for a number of reasons. First off, the sex is likely to be unenjoyable and awkward, as you’re not used to one another’s bodies. 

Next up, it’s harder to control your actions when you’re drunk, and you can often do something (or someone!) that you seriously regret the following morning. 

And finally, excessive drinking brings on pronounced feelings of guilt and regret in the morning, even if you felt good about the sex at the time. While it’s okay to have a few drinks, it’s much better to enjoy casual sex when you’re sober. 

Listen to your gut. 

If your gut is telling you that something isn’t right about the situation you find yourself in, you should listen to it. He might seem a little weird or be saying the wrong things that make you feel uncomfortable. 

If you don’t want to go home with him, just excuse yourself and leave. More often than not, your instincts are accurate, so don’t do something you will end up regretting. 

Choose a safe place. 

When it comes to casual sex, you need to feel comfortable with the location. Hotel rooms are always a decent shout, as they’re a mutual venue, and you don’t have to worry about going home with a total stranger. 

Some women prefer bringing someone back to their place rather than heading out into the unknown. While this is okay, others are worried that he now knows where you live. However you feel, make sure you tell him what you expect. 

Talk about sex with your lover. 

Talking about sex before your encounter is sensible – it’s not the mood killer that you might think. Ask him about protection and tell him what you expect. If he’s not willing to have a chat, it’s best to walk away. 

You should also ask him about his HIV status and whether he’s disease-free. Although he could lie, asking him is a better option than risking it. 

Don’t do something that makes you feel uncomfortable. 

Before having casual sex, you should be clear about your boundaries. While it’s good to experiment in the bedroom, don’t be forced into something that makes you feel uncomfortable. 

If he tries something during sex that you don’t want to do, tell him! It’s important to be vocal and to communicate so you can enjoy the experience. That’s what it’s all about after all!  

Exchange numbers. 

Even if you’re only planning on having a one-night stand, it’s a good idea to exchange numbers with the person you sleep with. Why? Because you never know why you might need to message them in the future. 

If they use your number to pester you and continue asking for sex, you can block them. The same is true if they turn out to be weird. It’s just good for your peace of mind to take their number in the first place; then you can decide what to do with it after.

Closing thoughts. 

So, there you have it! These nine tips will help you have casual sex safely and will ensure you enjoy your sex life. Sex with an attractive stranger is an exhilarating prospect and is something that everyone can enjoy. 

Just make sure you take precautions to protect your sexual health and think about your personal safety, too. Use only safe local casual hookup sites that you can trust.

You should feel in control of the experience and be happy with your choice of partner.