How to Get the Right Hat for Your Face & Body Shape

How to Get the Right Hat for Your Face & Body Shape

How to Get the Right Hat for Your Face & Body Shape 

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One size definitely does not fit all when it comes to men’s hats. Just like you imagine, all people have different faces and body shapes. This is why the primary goal when we dress up is to look good. 

In the same way, when we wear hats, we want to highlight our best features. Sadly, not all hats fit all face shapes and body types. But you need not worry about this problem anymore. Here’s how to get the right hat for your face and body shape.

The Right Hat for Your Face Shape 

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Searching for the right men’s hats for your face shape is tricky. You have to know what type of face shape you’re dealing with. To figure this out, you must: 

1. Measure your head. 

You need to know the right circumference of your head. Measure it using any material available, preferably soft measuring tape. 

2. Know the shape of your face. 

The next step in picking the right hat for your face shape is knowing its exact shape. This would help you identify what hat style would show off your features the most. Here’s a short guide to help: 

  • Long. For long faces, wide brims, cowboy hats, hats with cuts across the forehead, and sun hats are most recommended. This is to lessen the obviousness of a long face. On the other hand, long-faced individuals must avoid beanies at all costs.
  • Round. Fortunately, it’s easy to keep track of hats for round faces. Opt for hats with angular styles. These include a fedora or a cloche. You can also use beanie hats that are pulled a bit lower on your face to give the illusion of length.
  • Square. Square faces largely benefit from angular and tough facial features. But what they should avoid are the same styles in hats. Instead, they should use floppy or wide brims. Square faces can use cloches, wide brims, cowboy hats, and sun hats as well. 
  • Heart. A heart-shaped face would look the best in a baseball cap, Homburg, fedora, or newsboy. Its clipped brim would soften the look of his wide upper face and narrow lower face. Do not wear floppy brims. Instead, opt for the same hats as people with square and long faces. 
  • Oval. People with oval-face shapes are really winning in life. They can enjoy any choice of hats. Oval faces go with any style. So, if you want a Homburg or a fedora, he’s the guy to call.
  • Diamond. What hat you wear is just as essential as how you wear your heart. Diamond faces have narrow jawlines with wide foreheads. This puts you in a situation of making your face look shortened if you wear a hat too far back. Instead, you can try to get a pull-on or a pork pie.

Hats for the Big Boys

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If you have a large body size, you should not go for small hats with narrow crowns and short brims. Instead, you should wear bigger hats that make you look more symmetrical. 

You should also opt for a wide and low contrast hatband with a medium-height crown. Avoid pointy looks on your hat, too, by choosing the right pinch. Fedoras are recommended for larger body shapes, as well as Homburg hats. 

Hats for the Short & Slim Guys

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For men on the shorter and slimmer side, you would want to look taller. So, you have to choose a hat that elongates you. Instead of pushing for wide crowns, try hats with a pointed pinch. 

In addition, pick contrasting tones for your hat band. Avoid brim snapping and switch it out for curled brims to give the illusion of elevation. 

Hats for Tall & Thin Men

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Men who are already tall and thin probably don’t want to add more height to themselves. So, if you’re one of these guys, don’t choose high crowns. Rather, pick hats with low or medium crowns. Choose a contrasting hatband too to emphasize the top and bottom parts of the hat. 

All these features would make you look a bit shorter than you are. You can wear your hat fashionably by tilting it to one side and creating more proportion. Don’t wear short-brimmed hats as well with curled-up brims because you’d look taller.

The Final Decision

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Even with all our suggestions, the final say on the right hat style for you lies with your assessment of yourself. Remember to always check if you feel comfortable and confident about your choice. You can even customize your hats with the designs and patterns that you want with the help of Colorado Springs Embroidery professionals. These are the two top factors in choosing a hat. 

You can either choose to be bold and eye-catching with your choices or stick to the comfort zone of safe choices. Either way, just choose what you know is right for you.