How to find a good home office chair

How to find a good home office chair

How to find a good home office chair

Working from home should be as comfortable as it would be in the office. Perhaps even cosier because you are creating your own space based on your likes and preferences. If you will be working for long hours, then you need to find a good chair as you will spend most of your time there. You should be looking into finding a home office chair which is both comfortable and helps to prevent muscle strain. 

You will find a wide range of office chairs which come in different sizes and shapes. The most important thing is finding one that best fits the theme in your office, and most importantly, one that offers you enough support. That said, how do you determine which office chair is best for you?

Below are a few tips to help you.

Height adjustable

Your home office chair should be adjustable to your height. If your thighs are not horizontal to the floor when you sit then you are not in a comfortable position. Most office chairs have pneumatic adjustment levels which allow you to make adjustments.

Adjustable backrests

In addition to height, an adjustable backseat also helps to ensure comfort. For instance, your backrest should allow you to move forward and backward when needed if it is attached to the seat. If it comes separate from the seat then you should be able to position it to your liking since its height is adjustable.

Lumbar support is important

You want to choose an office chair that has a similar contour to your spine. With enough lumbar support, your lower back is supported in an arch position to prevent you from slumping as the day goes by. While insufficient support might cause compressions on the lumbar discs in your spine and strain, a seat with good lumbar support will help avoid this predicament.

Enough Seat Depth and Width

When you sit, the first thing you are likely to notice is how wide or deep the chair is. A shallow seat is great if you are short but a deep one would be great if you are tall. The best position is to leave about 2-4 inches between the back of your knees and the chair with your back against the backrest.

Breathable Material and Sufficient Padding

If you are going to be in your home office for hours or even the whole day, then you need to find a chair made of breathable material and enough padding. Whether you choose fabric or other types of material then you have to ensure that it provides the kind of comfort you will be needing for all the hours you spend there. Also, avoid too hard or too soft padding for utmost comfort.


If you need a home office chair that fits your style and budget, lakeland furniture has a wide selection of options to choose from. A study by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy has shown that neck and back muscle strains can be prevented by adopting a healthy sitting posture on your office desk. Hence, a good office chair should be made to properly support your back while preventing or reducing pains and aches.