How to Choose Sneakers for Various Occasions

How to Choose Sneakers  for Various Occasions

How to Choose Sneakers
for Various Occasions

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Have you ever struggled in finding the right piece for the right art? The right shoe for the right outfit? In this article, you can be able to pick and choose sneakers that would be the best for you and your outfit. 

SOFA Method

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Different methods in the fashion industry have been used by many designers, models, and even freelancers to have mixtures of clothes to match. Among known methods is the SOFA Method or a fashion acronym for Season, Occasion, Formality, and Activity. The idea behind the SOFA Method is to go through different types of shoes and creatively choose a pair to match your outfit and setting. 


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Finding the right shoes for your outfit requires considering the season first before anything else. As the first step of the SOFA method, consider the current weather and the season’s vibe as it will affect your outfit. To add style during the summer, since most outfits are mixed with shorts, sneakers with lighter colors and weight are great in pairing with jeans, shorts, and even comfortable pants. During the winter, sneakers with darker colors contrast the color of snow and heavier weight pairs with the season. You can also try custom sneakers if you want something personal for your footwear. 


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The occasion is a vital factor in choosing your own shoes to match an outfit. Choosing would depend on what event you are going to. Sneakers match every outfit, whatever its theme or vibe it may portray. 

If you are going to a club or party out in the city, sneakers match most casual outfit styles currently trending. Slip-on sneakers may be a preference for your casual outfit during a party. If you are going to a Coachella Festival, artsy and creative fashion styles can be paired with men’s sneakers for a more lightweight and cool feel. A canvas sneaker may be the best among the choices of sneakers when it comes to these types of events. Lastly, if you are going on a date with your significant other, you can use athletic sneakers to boost your confidence with your outfit during your date.


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Outfits and selection of shoes may be up to the level of formality you are going to. Most shoes used during formal events are leather shoes, but trendy outfits now use sneakers like velcro and leather sneakers to pair up formal fashion. 

If you are going to work or attending a business meeting, even when wearing a suit and tie, sneakers can be a perfect fashion staple for a comfortable working outfit. 


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Last to the SOFA Method, your selection of shoes will be entirely up to what activity you will do the whole day. You cannot wear leather shoes or canvas shoes when attending a marathon or even use LED lighted sneakers in a business meeting as it would be entirely unprofessional.

If you are going to a fitness event, marathon, attending Zumba and physical education classes, and even working out, sneakers are a fashion staple, even perfect for wearing for these activities. Most shoes used are athletic and running sneakers, all shoes with rubber to hold your place in position.