How To Avoid and Treat Razor Burn

How To Avoid and Treat Razor Burn

How To Avoid and Treat Razor Burn

Nobody is a fan of razor burn. Not only are those small red bumps unsightly, but they can be downright painful at times. Some people are more prone to them than others but even people with the most sensitive skin can take steps and measures to try and avoid a bad attack of razor burn. If you are one of the lucky ones that don't deal with chronic razor burn but have recently had a case of it, you can fine-tune your technique so that you can avoid it altogether.

Properly Prepare the Skin

First things first you definitely need to properly prepare your skin for shaving. The more moisture in your skin the better it will handle your shaving routine. Start by finding a highly hydrating body cream and use it daily, whether or not you shave. Having moisturized skin will help the hair be soft and will cause far less irritation when you shave.

Before you start shaving you also need to take extra measures to protect the skin. Everyone should use a nice quality shave cream or something similar. Using something highly moisturizing will help the razor glide smoothly and give you further protection. If you are extremely sensitive you might want to consider using a pre-shave oil and then also your standard shave cream. The combination of the two can be highly effective in protecting the skin barrier during the shaving process.

Start With the Right Razor

Another extremely important factor to consider is which razor you are using. Some razors can be more irritating than others and everyone is different so it can be trial and error to find the right one for you. Multiblade safety razors are generally what most people use, but for some those can be too rough. The more blades on a razor the more intense the cutting of the hairs will be. The more close the shave the higher the chance of getting razor burn will be. If you are prone to razor burn it is best to try to use a safety razor with three or fewer blades.

If you are extremely sensitive you might want to invest in a more old-fashioned double-sided single-blade razor. There is a small learning curve to using them as opposed to the typical razors you get from the grocery store, but in time you will adjust to using them with ease. They are also very inexpensive to maintain since the single blades are very affordable for a large number of blades. Another thing to consider about your razor is making sure you aren't overusing the blades or cartridges. Dull razors can wreak havoc on your skin, so take the time to change them regularly per the manufacturer's recommendations of use.

Change Directions

If you have taken the time to keep your skin well hydrated and have figured out the least irritating razor for your skin but you are still getting bad razor burn, you might want to change the direction you are shaving. Normally people shave against the grain to get the smoothest shave and get the job done quickly. If you are extra sensitive, try shaving in the direction your hair grows. you might find it takes a little more effort to get all the hair shaved, but you will also have far less irritation.

Take Breaks

If you still really just have a hard time with the razor burn, it is ok to take breaks. Let your skin heal and in the meantime, you can trim with an electric razor. Electric razors are much less irritating for some people and you can get a pretty nice shave using them as well. 

Be sure to try all of these options the next time you are struggling with annoying razor burn. You may find that implementing some of them completely solves the problem for you. Taking care of yourself shouldn't be painful, so hopefully, a few of these tactics will solve your razor burn problems.