How to apply and receive UBA salary advance in minutes

How to apply and receive UBA salary advance in minutes

How to apply and receive UBA salary advance in minutes

UBA salary advance – One cannot underscore the need for additional funds to undertake overhead expenses as they come, most times these expenses are unforeseen, budgeted or a need to undertake a capital project.

Given this in mind, UBA salary advance quickly comes to rescue as an advantageous unsecured loan when necessary.

What is the salary advance?

A salary advance is an unsecured loan/a practice wherein a salary earner is given the liberty to overdraw his or her bank account with predetermined amount; such amount is being paid back on a feature date having received salary during the month under review.

In most cases, you’re required to commence a sum monthly repayment of such overdraft in part measured in percentage; this is to enable you to meet other financial obligations during the overdraft tenor.

That said, if you are an employee/salary earner whose salary account is domiciled with UBA, you can access the UBA salary advance to execute your financial obligations fort-with.

Note: By popular demand, this package is also referred to as “Click credit.”


Requirements to access the UBA salary advance

You will need to have the below as prerequisites to access the salary advance

  • You should have an active UBA salary account
  • You ought to have been receiving your salary through UBA in the last six months.
  • A phone number linked to your UBA salary account
  • UBA USSD 4-digit PIN/ATM card Last 4-digit number
  • This means to indicate that you should have been using the UBA USSD platform.

The UBA click credit is designed for users like yourself to borrow up to N1,000,000 (One million naira) in a few minutes, this is however dependent on your monthly salary, with a repayment duration spread over 12 months.

The click credit loan attracts an interest rate of 24% annually payable on 2% monthly repayment in installment.

How to apply for the UBA salary advance loan


You can either apply for this overdraft via the UBA USSD code or via the UBA internet banking and Mobile banking.

To apply with the UBA USSD code

  • From your registered phone number linked with your UBA bank salary account dial *919*28#
  • Enter your UBA salary account number
  • Enter the 4-digit USSD PIN/last 4-digit numbers on your ATM card
  • Follow the screen prompt, enter your preferred loan amount and your account will be credited in minutes on successful verification.

To apply via the UBA Mobile banking

  • Log on to your UBA Mobile app
  • Click on the menu icon found at the left top corner of the app
  • Click on “Loans”
  • Select “Click credit”
  • Enter the amount you wish to borrow and click on “Request loan.”
  • Follow the screen prompt to complete your loan request, your account will be credited with loan amount having undergone a review shortly.

Note: You must be applying on a salary account to access this loan and repayment commences as your next salary drops.

 UBA salary advance code

The code refers to the “Click credit” code that enables you to receive an overdraft from your salary account as detailed in this guide. This code is denoted by *919*28#.

UBA loan for non-salary earners

As a financial institution that prides itself in financial inclusion to better lives of citizens and customers at large, UBA has loans to meet the demand.

Among the loans are salary earner can access is the

  • Personal loan.

The UBA personal loan is meant to support you to meet your life dreams. You can cover medical bills, make home improvements, give your side business a facelift, etc.

Features and benefits of the UBA personal loan

  • It comes with a repayment plan of 60 months
  • 20% interest rate
  • Management fee of 1% on one-off payment
  • Maximum loan amount of N30 million
  • You can access up to 50% of your debt service ratio (DSR).


  • You will need a savings account
  • Make available a duly completed loan form
  • Provide a valid ID in any of the following arrangements (Voters’ card, driver’s license, national ID card, international passport).
  • Your employer will issue a letter of undertaking of your salary domiciliation with UBA
  • Your offer letter
  • A copy of your staff ID card.

How to apply for the loan

  • Kindly submit your completed loan application form with supporting documents at any UBA branch
  • You will have to execute an offer letter detailing your loan terms and requirements, on loan approval
  • Loan gets disbursed to your salary account with UBA

UBA business loans

It’ll be a disservice and gross in-sensitiveness if UBA had failed to factor business owners, SMEs, and entrepreneurs in her loan equation.

That said, the African giant financing institution has made provision for SME loans to help businesses who want to improve working capital or in need of expansion, etc.

These loans include but not limited to

  • Working capital
  • UBA asset finance
  • UBA school loans
  • UBA health sector and the
  • Young Entrepreneur Finance Scheme (YEF)

The UBA working capital: The UBA working capital offers a maximum of N50 million which helps businesses to meet their cash flow need/requirements aimed at expanding their businesses.

UBA asset finance: If you are looking to purchase new assets for your business, the UBA asset finance is the ideal package to meet and fill your void.

UBA school loans: As a registered private school who wants to meet working capital, assets and mortgage requirements, the UBA school loan is the ideal funding to help you get started on advantage cost.

UBA health loan: This is a financing vehicle for registered hospitals, pharmacies, diagnostic centers, etc.

Young entrepreneur finance scheme: Young entrepreneurs across Africa have found financing options in this product. So long your business idea is bankable the YEF is your ideal bet.

UBA customer care

You probably want to contact UBA for an enquiry, kindly refer to the below details

  • +234 070022-822 or +234 01-6319822
  • Email: cfc@ubagroup.com


As a payroll employee, the UBA salary advance is sure to be timely in your downtime, having said that it’s up to you to decide what suits your budget at this time.

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