How Being Attracted to Someone Makes You More Attractive

How Being Attracted to Someone Makes You More Attractive

How Being Attracted to Someone Makes You More Attractive

Meta: In the world of dating, many singles often ask themselves if they are attractive enough to land a partner. So what are the general rules to attractiveness?

I’m loving your scent, baby!

When we’re interested in, fascinated by, or experience the desire to gravitate towards someone, we are attracted to the individual. Attraction is a strange and incomprehensible phenomenon. The best dating sites review points out that sometimes it's impossible to identify what makes you feel closer to one person over another. Or what it was that made you realize you couldn't stop thinking about someone in particular.

Some are conventionally attractive, but whether or not you find someone attractive is a highly subjective matter that depends on your personal preferences. A combination of biological, psychological, and experience-based variables may play a role, and no two individuals will have the same opinion on what they find beautiful and what they don't.

Physical appearance is often the primary factor considered in attraction. However, we are frequently drawn to people because of other factors such as confidence, enthusiasm, and charisma.

Love is linked to many hormones that make us feel warm and fuzzy. Dopamine is a reward hormone produced upon completing a satisfactory task such as making love and spending time with loved ones.

When you’re attracted, norepinephrine is also released, and the combination makes you feel euphoric. Do you wonder why all your nerves feel calm when you are around your lover? Do you realize that when you see your partner after a long day, your stress levels kind of drop immediately? That’s the power of attraction!

According to research, we are drawn to physically and psychologically similar individuals to us. And yes, it may come off as egotistical, but we are attracted by others who are similar to ourselves. The more similar our views, beliefs, and values are to those of a potential mate, the more likely we would like them. In addition, this includes demographic factors, degrees of physical attractiveness, and non-verbal behaviors.

For example, according to a study conducted at the University of St Andrews, we are drawn to our parents' characteristics, such as eye color. This may be because we see them as our first caretakers and connect pleasant emotions with their characteristics.

One of the reasons why resemblance may impact attraction is that it can provide a form of validation for our thoughts and feelings. This is related to the reciprocity hypothesis. There is a higher likelihood that someone similar to you would like you back, thus reducing the possibility of being rejected.

Higher levels of serotonin, often known as the "happy hormone," are also linked with increased attractiveness. Physical touch, including hugging and sexual contact, boosts oxytocin, the love hormone, in both men and women. As a result, it seems that spending more time with someone, enjoying their company, and touching them more will make you feel more attracted to that person.

The main behaviors that seem to be effective in the quest of how to be attractive include:

  • Honesty – Many individuals conceal their authentic selves by adopting a fake identity. Being honest makes you an open book, and someone, in the long run, will become more attracted to you since you constantly provide the same level of pleasure.
  • Talking with intent – Something is appealing about those who use their words with purpose. A straightforward individual will seem to be more confident and intentional with their words.

Attractive Traits for Women: How to Be Attractive to Men Physically

Well, women don't try as much to become attractive. They are naturally magnetic to many men since most of their deeds naturally drop to engaging practices. Women can also be attractive without makeup. However, women can do some things to be more attractive. Want to know how to be attractive to a man? Effective tips to be attractive are:

You really turn me on!

Put on Heels

Heels are a favorite of both men and women although, admittedly, we don't always like wearing them! These shoes are popular because of their attractive appearance and the harsh "clicking" sound they produce when they are worn on hard surfaces.

Wearing heels gives the appearance of being taller and setting your standards. Furthermore, the arching of the back, elongating the legs, and enhancing posture seem to be beneficial in making people strike several glances at you. In addition, heels help a woman stride and bounce, strengthening her core and pelvic floor. This is a pro tip for women to be attractive.

What Men Need to Do: How to Be Attractive to Women

Attractiveness in men is determined by masculinity, symmetry, averageness. And on the contrary, unattractiveness is determined by adiposity, overweight, or obesity. Men need to put in some effort to ensure that they are attractive. Things such as appearance and voice naturally come in handy, but extra input is required for more attraction. The primary point to note for men is:

Look Smart

Make sure your fingernails are clean! This is a major red flag of cleanliness to women. Your hands signify an aspect of masculinity, and if they are properly kept, it becomes easier to seem attractive. The hands are what women look at first before crossing over to your hair, eyes, zipper, and shoes. Ensure that you tick all the boxes to qualify for a quick conversation with the beauty in the room.

Overall Tips to Use

Some tricks will work for some people, although not all. These are some things to consider for both men and women. They include:

How to be Attractive in Public

The best way to seem attractive in public areas is by having a lovely personality. A tip to be attractive in high school is to be self-assured, hold your head up, and stand up straight. Most importantly, don't be afraid to communicate with other people as it expresses your confidence.

It’s all about security for me!

Work on Your Self Esteem to Counter Attractiveness

Some people have self-esteem issues that demoralize them. These individuals often look the least attractive because they barely make an effort to boost their character or appearance. Did you know that you can be attractive when you’re fat? Some of the tips include;

  • Note down what makes you insecure
  • Take a closer look in the mirror to see your beauty
  • Take note of the bad and good things people tell you
  • Convert the negative into a positive
  • Surround yourself with less judgmental individuals
  • Be selfless
  • Make use of figurative praises
  • Smile when you look someone in the eyes.


Attraction is crucial if you want to find the right person to spend the rest of your life with. However, many people get it wrong, and it ends up to a disastrous experience full of disappointment. Nonetheless, you can cruise through the attraction space and establish solid ground with the right tips and tricks. Rely on the law of attraction, and you’ll always get it right.

Are you aware of the attraction laws? How attractive have you become as a result of being attracted to someone? Leave a comment.

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