Having a Relaxing Family Vacation in Hawaii With Young Children

Having a Relaxing Family Vacation in Hawaii With Young Children

Having a Relaxing Family Vacation in Hawaii With Young Children

If you want to take your family on a vacation that they will always remember, then you can’t do better than Hawaii. The lush landscapes, friendly locals, and the unlimited number of exciting Oahu activities and tours will make it the trip of your lifetime. The great thing about the islands is that there is fun and enjoyment for the whole family, even young children. 

Don’t leave them behind. Although you will have a bit more to juggle during your trip, this will be a growing experience for the kiddos as they absorb new cultures and explore new sights, even if they may not remember everything now. The trick is to make the trip as relaxing as possible for everyone in the family. Let’s talk about tips for enjoying a fun vacation without anyone in the family going crazy.

Proper Planning for a Relaxing Vacation

To ensure that your trip goes off without a hitch, you need to be smart about making plans and reservations. When you book your airline tickets, try to do so a year in advance so you can find available flights at the best price. Also, consider purchasing travel insurance in the case that your luggage is stolen or you need to cancel your trip unexpectedly. 

It’s wise to check up on the reservations within a month of the vacation to verify that nothing has been canceled or changed. The last thing you need when you have young children is to show up at the airport or hotel just to find that a flight or room is no longer available.

Start packing for your trip at least a week or two in advance so there is time to get everything you need and remember items you might have missed. Remember to bring all required medications and backup batteries for your frequently used devices. You’ll also want to remember to bring the proper clothes, including pants and a light jacket for colder evenings. If you plan to go hiking or swimming, then pack accordingly for those activities as well.

Depending on where you live, you may have a long flight ahead of you, so to achieve maximum relaxation as soon as you board the plane, bring a tablet or laptop so your kids can watch a movie or play a video game to keep them occupied. Just remember to be cautious with screen time during your vacation. You want the kids to enjoy the sights, so be sure to set time restrictions for tablet use and make sure to block any websites that their young eyes shouldn’t see.

Best Islands to Visit

While you are planning your Hawaiian vacation, consider visiting some of the more exciting islands and locations in the area. One great place that is gaining steam is Kapolei, which is within Honolulu County. Kapolei is a growing community that is loaded with fun activities, including beaches, shopping malls, movie theaters, and more. This area is not as densely populated as other places nearby, so you won’t feel so rushed or closed in.

You can also stay on the Big Island to experience many amazing sights and activities that you won’t see everywhere else. A day there could include an excursion to a waterfall or volcano, a zipline adventure, a helicopter trip over the gorgeous hills, and an amazing luau, all before a delicious dinner at any number of beach-side restaurants. The only downside is that the volcano is active, so in the rare occurrence that it does erupt, it could negatively impact your plans.

Another spot that you need to at least visit is the island of Oahu, as it has many enticing hotels and restaurants. There is even an airport right there on the island so you can fly directly to your destination without requiring a connecting flight. As far as activities, the sky's the limit. There is a zoo and the Waikiki Aquarium plus tons of great places for new hiking adventures, like the Hanauma Bay nature preserve.

Activities the Whole Family Can Enjoy

While all parents love having and playing with their kids, it can be a bit hectic chasing them around everywhere you go, so you need to find activities that will keep everyone in the family engaged so you can enjoy yourself in the moment. To start, you can partake in numerous tours of amazing sights from volcanoes to local farms, and you can even take underwater tours via submarine. Any of those should be enough to keep the kids engaged so you can sit back and relax.

You can also enjoy a tropical drink as you watch your young children learn fun island skills by attending local classes. They can take lessons on scuba diving, body surfing, and even dance and luau classes that they will absolutely adore. These are memories that your children will remember for years to come.

If mom and dad are hoping to have some romantic time during your vacation, inquire with the hotel if they offer babysitting services or other childcare options, as many hotels do. Once you know that your kids are safe, you can lay on the soft sand at the beach, have a romantic dinner, or take a boat out on the water to see the gorgeous island under a sky of bright and twinkling stars. 

In the end, you cannot go wrong by taking the family to experience Hawaii and its surrounding islands. Try the tips discussed here to ensure that everyone in the family has a fun and relaxing time.