Facelift vs. Mini Facelift: Which Is Right for You?

Facelift vs. Mini Facelift: Which Is Right for You?

Facelift vs. Mini Facelift: Which Is Right for You?

Are you asking yourself, "Do I need a facelift?" 

With all of the pressures to look younger, lines, wrinkles, and jowls do all they can to take away a youthful appearance and make you look older. 

Demand for products that fight back and turn back the clock on our faces catapulted the anti-aging industry to a value of around $45 million. Within that figure lies procedures like facelifts and mini facelifts.

Which type of anti-aging product are you considering? 

When weighing your options like facelift vs. mini facelift, you want to know the difference to figure out which is right for you. Keep reading as we explain the need-to-know facts.

What Is a Facelift? 

The term "facelift" is a blanket term used to describe cosmetic procedures designed to correct the signs of aging. A facelift tightens the skin around the neck, jowls, and cheeks. There are different types of facelifts that cosmetic surgeons perform. Let's take a look at these procedures that improve and reduce the visible signs of aging on the face and neck. 

Types of Facelifts

The type of procedure used on or recommended for patients depends on their specific needs. How do you want to change your appearance? What types of problems do you want to correct? 

Mini Facelift 

What is a Mini Facelift? The surgeon makes incisions around the ears to allow for the pulling of excess skin. The skin is pulled back into place and then sutures hold everything in its new (old) position until it heals. 

Some mini facelifts include a small amount of liposuction if you need it to achieve the results you want. 

A mini-facelift is considered the best option for candidates who are in good health but are looking to smooth out some of their wrinkles and tighten up some loose skin.

This procedure is done under local anesthesia and doesn't require a hospital stay or a recovery facility following the surgery. 

Jawline Rejuvenation 

When you lose the definition of your jawline, you look older and tired. A jawline rejuvenation is just the ticket to correct and remove the excess skin around your jawline. 

Following this procedure, you'll look how you used to look in your younger days. You'll have less skin, wrinkles, and creases under the chin for a more youthful appearance. 

If you have a lot of fat accumulation, liposuction is also performed as part of this procedure. 


This is the more invasive of the facelift procedures. It targets deeper facial tissue and muscle fibers to give the patient a great outcome. 

The recovery period is longer than the other options, usually about 2 weeks. Candidates reported fatigue, swelling, and bruising. 

Patients who have lost elasticity in the skin on their faces and have drooping facial features due to age and gravity, choose this type of facelift to turn back the hands of time. 

Liquid Facelift

Are you searching for a non-surgical way to look younger? This procedure uses specially-designed facial fillers and skin injections together to add volume to your cheeks and contour your jawline. 

It also targets fine lines and wrinkles. Laser treatments, micro-needling, and fat transfer into the cheeks are all part of this type of facelift.

If you enjoy the benefits of this type of procedure, you can have it done again in six months to a year. 

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Benefits of a Facelift

Sometimes facelifts can go all wrong and it's obvious that people have had "work done." As a whole though, facelifts are very beneficial for those who choose to undergo these procedures. 

Correct Many Signs of Aging in One Step 

Besides aging, your skin loses its youthfulness from sun damage, stress, smoking, and more. Facelifts can address the results of the negative impacts these things have on your skin.

With one surgical procedure, you can get a tighter appearance of your face and neck. A facelift can correct sagging skin, deep wrinkles, creases around your nose and mouth, a double chin, and crows feet near your eyes. 

Natural-Looking Results

Modern facelifts are done in such a way that the results have you still looking like you but with a younger appearance. It's a more natural look than the facelifts of years past. 

Concealed Surgical Scars 

Sometimes referred to as 'invisible', the incisions are carefully placed to make sure they're concealed. Depending on the specific procedure, the size and location vary but they are usually behind the ears or along the hairline. 

Facelift vs. Mini Facelift

Both of these procedures are surgical in nature, but a mini-lift is a lot less invasive. It includes smaller incisions, quicker recovery, and is less expensive. 

A mini facelift still tightens the underlying muscles and removes excess skin and gives you the results you desire. You'll enjoy this change for many years to come. 

A facelift is more involved and more expensive but the results last a lot longer than a mini lift. This procedure tightens facial muscles, removes excess skin, and balances facial volume by putting it where it was in your younger years. 

The results are very dramatic because the procedure focuses on cheek volume, loose fat on the neck and around the face, and the jawline.

Which One Is Right for You? 

Did this facelift vs. mini facelift guide help you see things more clearly? This is not an easy decision either way. Talk to a professional for advice that applies to you and your situation. You'll receive a recommendation that best helps you meet your goal. 

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