Everything You Need to Know About Korean Skin Care Routine

Everything You Need to Know About Korean Skin Care Routine

Everything You Need to Know About Korean Skin Care Routine

Most people are growing obsessed with the Korean Skincare routine. There is that buzz around the Internet and you are perhaps wondering if you are missing out! Well, let us fill you in on what it is all about.  Below is everything you need to know about the Korean skincare routine.

Double Cleanse

The Korean skincare routine starts by cleansing with two types of cleansers:

  • Oil-Based Cleansers- This type of cleanser aims at removing oil-based impurities on your skin, such as sunscreen, excess sebum, and makeup.  These cleansers are gentle and will not disrupt the oil balance in your skin.
  • Water-Based Cleansers- These cleansers follow the oil-based cleanser, and they help to clear away any remaining residue from the oil-based cleanser, such as sweat and dirt.


The sole purpose of exfoliating is to get rid of any dead skin cells and any other buildup. There are two types of exfoliators, which are:

  • Physical exfoliators- These include using substances such as scrubs, peels, and pads, and they give your skin immediate results when done correctly.
  • Chemical exfoliators- Most of them are primarily made of acids but are gentle to your skin. They help to remove your dead skin cells and encourage cell turnover in your skin.


Here we are not talking about any toners but the Korean toners. Korean toners are not alcohol-laden like the other types of toners in the market. The purpose of toning is to help the skin’s pH to return to its acidic state. Toners also help to bring moisture back to the skin.


These are not common and are eccentric to Korean skincare regimens. Essences are made from fermented ingredients, and their primary purpose is to flood your skin with hydration. Essences are a borderline between a toner and a serum.

Apply Serum

Think of serum as your treatment against any skin issue like dark spots, wrinkles, and dullness. Serums are always packed with highly concentrated ingredients meant to target specific problems. Serums have less fluidity as compared to essences.


The next step in your K- beauty routine is to apply your Korean moisturizer to give your skin the water it deserves to be well hydrated. Moisturizers contain occlusives, which are ingredients that create a seal by forming a thin layer of oil that prevents water from evaporating out of your skin. This means that your moisturizer should always come after essences and serum.

Use an Eye Cream

Eye creams are pretty similar to moisturizers in that their role is also to provide that moisturizing and sealing effect for the delicate eye area. Eye gels, creams, or oils are an essential part of your K-beauty skincare routine, as they will help to get rid of the darkness and puffiness.


Wearing your SPF sunscreen is a critical step to include in your K-beauty skincare routine. The sun will never be friendly to your skin, so you will want to protect yourself from it at all costs. Sun exposure can speed up signs of aging and can cause skin cancer. K-beauty is known for having the best sunscreens that provide maximum protection against sun rays.

Wrapping up

The Korean skincare routine has been an effective routine that many people have sworn to change their skin health. If you have not yet tried it, it is not too late for you. We hope that the tips we have covered have given you a sneak peek about this buzzworthy skincare regimen.