Care for Your Lips: How to Improve Your Lip Care

Care for Your Lips: How to Improve Your Lip Care

Care for Your Lips: How to Improve Your Lip Care

Did you know that your lips can give away your age? Just like other parts of the face, lips can change as we age.

But there are ways to preserve your lip's health and youthfulness, no matter how old you are.

Use these lip care tips for moisturized, pillow-y soft lips.

Use a Lip Scrub

Healthy lips must be exfoliated regularly to remove dry and dead skin cells. Those skin cells can make the mouth look dull and chapped. But exfoliating once or twice a week can quickly slough them away.

You can create your own exfoliating lip scrub using ingredients in your kitchen. Sugar works as a gentle yet abrasive ingredient and can be combined with hydrating oils like coconut oil. Combine these ingredients and rub onto the lips in a circular motion.

There are already-made lip scrubs on the market, too, with ingredients that are safe for gentle lips.

Try a Lip Mask

After exfoliating the lips, try a lip mask to restore hydration.

You may already use a mask on your face, but these masks generally don't cover the mouth area. But a lip mask is made especially for the lips to prevent dry, cracked skin.

Some lip masks are applied for a short amount of time, such as 10-20 minutes, before being removed.

Others stay on the lips overnight for extra moisture. This is a great option for those suffering from chronic chapped lips, or who live in cold and dry climates.

The UNPA lip mask is one example of an overnight mask that gives you soft lips while you sleep.

Apply a Moisturizing Lip Balm or Ointment

Not all lip products are actually beneficial for your skin.

Choose a moisturizing lip balm or ointment with moisturizing ingredients. Shea butter, beeswax, glycerin, aloe vera, or white petrolatum are effective ingredients even in dry weather. Also, make sure to use eco-friendly lip balm, as many high quality products are available with zero waste.

And avoid drying ingredients like menthol, phenol, or salicylic acid.

Use your balm or ointment throughout the day. Your lips are especially prone to dryness after washing your face, showering, eating, or drinking, so make sure to reapply them.

If you forget your lip balm at home, be careful to not lick your lips. Saliva can actually dry out lips more, even if they feel wet at first.


Protect Lips From the Sun

Sun damage can make the skin look older than it is, and this can happen to your lips too.

Lips are susceptible to sun damage and burns, so it's important to keep them protected from harmful rays.

Wear a wide-brimmed hat or stay under the shade when outdoors. You can also apply sunblock to your lips or use a lip balm with SPF.

Upgrade Your Lip Care Routine

To keep lips looking healthy, soft, and youthful, you need to practice proper lip care. And if you thought occasionally swiping lip balm on your lips was enough, think again.

Care for your lips by exfoliating, moisturizing, and blocking sun damage. These little steps can make a huge difference for your pucker.

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