Best Tactics Your Brand Can Use To Reach Millennials On Instagram

Best Tactics Your Brand Can Use To Reach Millennials On Instagram

Best Tactics Your Brand Can Use To Reach Millennials On Instagram

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When it comes to the number of consumers exposed and targeted by digital marketing, millennials most probably belong to the majority. Millennial is a term coined by experts to call the demographic of consumers born from 1981 to 1996. This demographic is now the largest generation in the U.S. population, outnumbering all the others.

Millennials are now the leading target audience for numerous brands in digital marketing. They’re the ones who grew up and are living in the current era of technological advancements. Since they have the numbers over other age groups, they also influence consumer behavior heavily, making them the most potent target to aim for in digital marketing. And the online platform they use the most is social media, a powerful digital marketing medium.

Due to their influence, reaching millennials is a sound strategic move to work your brand’s way up the online presence ladder. Here’s a list of tactics your brand can use to reach and engage them on Instagram.

Find out what they care about

Just like the generation that came before them and after, millennials have things that they value most. Various social media sites have studied what millennials care about for marketers and advertisers to understand them better. With the use of social media analysis, Linkfluence found seven key values that seem to matter most to millennials.

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The same study also showed that 50% of millennials prefer purchasing products from brands that dedicate purchases to a cause. This shows that millennials also care about the world and are aware of current events. They’re looking at brands that are aligned to these seven values and gravitate towards their charitable campaigns.

If your brand plans to do something for a cause, you can align it with these seven values. Make sure to create authentic content when posting about it on Instagram with sincere and factual messages to show that you also care about the same things and that purchasing products from your brand will benefit their advocacies. You can also collaborate with a social influencer who shares the same values to boost your organic reach better.

Being proactive

Simply being active in responding to messages and feedback on social media can boost your brand’s millennial appeal. Social media has become a place for letting brands know about consumer queries and feedback, both positive and negative. Thus, being proactive in answering responses helps in reaching and engaging millennials.

Backing those statements mentioned above, a study by tech giant Microsoft found that about 47% of millennials use social media to share complaints about a brand’s services. Aside from being more adept at it, social media platforms provide a quicker way for millennials to air grievances than sending lengthy emails. It’s also helpful to gauge their response to new product offers and promotions and get their pulse on certain topics about your brand by creating polls via Instagram Stories.

To better respond to your followers and target audience, you can use management tools to sign in with your different social media accounts and manage them in one application. That way, you won’t miss any messages or feedback you receive on your accounts.

Use humor

Memes are quite popular to millennials and Gen Z (the generation younger than millennials) because of their humor. As a result, you’ll see brands even outside the line of entertainment use it to send a lighthearted message or leverage a trending topic to gather engagement on social media.

If you have yet to use memes, you should consider utilizing them on Instagram. It’s guaranteed to appeal to millennials, especially the trending ones. In addition, it’s a surefire way of starting a conversation on your replies and gathering shares and reactions.

Create Reels

Reels give Instagram users a new set of tools to create short video clips. With it, you can add text, music, filters, stickers, and other special effects to a 3 to 30-second video. It also has a dedicated feed and path to share each short video.

Reels is another method you can explore to use videos for social media marketing. It also boosts your appeal with millennials because it shows your awareness of what’s relevant and new.

You can create Reels that speak to millennials by highlighting the unique traits of your products. You can do that by avoiding hard-selling. Instead, you should create genuinely valuable content that shows your brand is an industry authority.

Videos like that can be in the form of how-to videos or tips that can help millennials use your product in the best way possible. On that note, you can start creating Reels and studying them by navigating to the Stories screen and scrolling across the bottom of the screen to find the Reels icon.

Final words

Reaching millennials to convert them as paying customers is best done on social media. You’ll need intelligent marketing to do it, and you can do that on Instagram with these tactics. Use them wisely so that you can harness the purchasing power of the millennial generation.

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