Best 6 Accent Colors For Your Home Exterior

Best 6 Accent Colors For Your Home Exterior

Best 6 Accent Colors For Your Home Exterior

The major characteristic of a good exterior accent color is that it should blend with the main color of the house and contribute to the beauty of the house. If you are planning to sell your house, it is important to know that the accent color will make it look more attractive to potential buyers. When you want to choose the accent color, you need to consider a color that is different from the main house color. 

Accent colors can be minimal, bold, or used to make colors more or less distinguishable. They are used for emphasis in a color scheme. Without accent colors, the new exterior paint job could be an entire failure. For this reason, exterior paint colors can be a very difficult decision for most homeowners, because of how overwhelming it can be. Here are the 6 best accent colors for your home exterior.


After replacing beige, gray has become the ultimate neutral color. If you are thinking of a color to use as your main house color, gray is a great choice, due to the fact that it is perfect as a background for accent hues, but it is also attractive when used with shutters, trim, front doors, etc. While gray is a subtle blue undertone, it works well with rust, mustard gold, chocolate brown, and other earthy colors. 


You might like how white trim looks but, at the same time, not be a fan of stark white. In such a case, beige is the perfect color for you. Beige has a reputation for being boring and dull. However, as an accent color for a home exterior, beige has come a long way. In recent times, you can find beige with a peachy and pink undertone that gives the color depth and warmth. Beige is a good alternative to white color. 


When it comes to home exteriors, yellow is widely known to be a notoriously difficult color. It is a bright and lively color that will rise to the occasion when it is the main color. When it becomes an accent color, it will always complement the main color as long as you pair it with a color that has an undertone that matches it. Yellow works well with browns, reds, and warm greens. Soft yellow works well with warm colors.

Navy Blue

This color is very audacious and makes a very bold statement. It is very intense when used as the main exterior house color. If you do not want to cover your house in the high-impact shade, consider it for your trim. A classic dark blue can also be a good choice. The awesome thing about this color is that it changes effectively depending on the light. You can use it to set off the home's main color. When mixed with a green undertone, navy blue works with an array of colors like blacks, grays, and lighter blues. 


This is becoming popular as a trim color for different styles of homes. Just like white, black is versatile and comes in different undertones. Black paint works with trim, doors, and shutters. There is always a shade of black that will pair with any color. Black is the richest, most neutral color. You can always try a softer black if you do not want to go really dark. 


Thulian pink with a touch of gray in it is very beautiful, neutral, bright, and bold. Pale pink is soft and sweet and although it can be barely considered a pink hue, it is a fantastic backdrop for different color styles and schemes. The deep, dusty rose is mature, inviting, and complex. Stereotypically, peachy pink is considered girly. Neon pink is adventurous and intense. Although painting your house yourself can be quite stressful and time-consuming, it would help and also be quite beneficial to get professional help. An example of professional help would be Siding Kansas City that will provide you with every help you need with your home exterior.

Final Words

There are several other colors like blue, green, and white that can be considered great choices when it comes to accent colors for your home exterior. Gray and beige are neutral colors and can easily blend with any other color. Yellow is bright and lively. Navy blue is audacious and makes a bold statement. Black is a good trim color, and pink is beautiful.