A few effective tips for surviving more in the game Battlefield

A few effective tips for surviving more in the game Battlefield

 A few effective tips for surviving more in the game Battlefield 

Battlefield is a shooting game, or we can say a war game in which a player has to kill his/her rivals to survive in it. This game has focused more on the shooting side, and the war thing is less in it. That is why you are going to see the equipments and features related to shooting more in this game. There are various versions of this game, and you will see that each version has some new features in it. The upcoming version of the game is Battlefield 2042, in which you will find so many new features and mind-blowing graphics which are developed by EA gaming. You are never going to regret downloading this game and playing it, as it will give you a whole new experience of gaming.

 As we have discussed above that the game is related to war, so you will find strong opponents against you in the game, and you have to face them and make yourself survive in the game to win it. This will become possible for a person when he/she learn some tips, which will help him/her to survive for a more extended period of time in the game. Some of the people even take the help of battlefield 2042 hacks which makes it easier for you to kill your opponents. But, it will make the game look boring for us, and we should not use these hacks and cheats every time. Let’s have a look at some of the essential tips.

  • Use vehicles for your benefit

 The map present in the game is huge, and it takes so much time for a player to cover the whole map and to kill the rivals on time. The vehicles present in the game take us to different places on a single map, and they also help us in our survival as killing a player on the vehicle is difficult than on his/her feet. You will find different types of vehicles in the game, such as tanks, boats, jeeps, bikes, horses, etc. Tanks are the most protective vehicle of the game as they will protect you from getting shot by any player and also helps you in shooting anyone from the tank itself. Bikes and horses are great in mobility, and they will make you reach swiftly at any place you want. Planes are helpful in spotting the enemy, and you can directly jump on that place as you will get a wider view from it. Make sure that these vehicles are easily visible to the enemy, and they can target you early. Tanks are the biggest ones, and you will be found in them easily.

  • Work together with any companion 

Playing this game alone is one of the biggest mistakes. This is because the game is not like an ordinary war game, you have to face so many difficulties in the game, and a person cannot bear all of them alone. So, you should work as a team with your companions. This will make it easy for both of you to clear the hurdles coming your way. Along with the companion, you should also carry a good amount of ammunition with yourself as it will also help you as a companion in the game. It has been seen in the game that a team of average players is more potent than a team of skilled players who don’t coordinate with each other. So, you have to take care of this thing.

  • Complete your objectives in the game

You have to complete all of the objectives which you have made for and in the game. You will get some extra points in the game for making an objective. You will be asked by the game itself for your objectives. It will be better for you to work with your team by making a collective objective of all the members present in it. You will find an aim, and all of you will not get into the trouble of just killing the enemies. You will get some more important things to do in the game.

  • Spot the enemy accurately 

Spotting is one of the biggest things that should be done accurately in the game. This is because if you will not spot the enemy accurately and shoot him/her on some other part of his/her body, then he/she will get aware of this thing and start shooting back on you. It is also suitable for saving so many lives as your team will also be saved by you because of having good skill of spotting. You will get more points when you shoot and finish any vehicle from a good distance.

  • Watch your corners

On the battlefield, you should stay attentive all the time as the enemy can shoot you from any side. Sometimes, we are standing at a place where there is a little space bf2042 hacks from where we can be spotted and killed by anyone. But, you need to take care of this thing as rivals can be present anywhere near you. 

  • Make use of cheats and hacks when needed

Cheats and hacks are additional helpful things that can be used by a person for making the game somewhat easy for you. You will find so many cheats and hacks related to the game, which will help you to spot the enemy easily. It will also remove the obstacles coming in your way and provide you with some special powers or features which will make everything easy for you.


War games have become so much challenging these days as survival in these games has become difficult.  A person has to struggle a lot to just completing a single level, and there are so many of them. That is why war games are also included in the most popular online games in mobile and in computer. Battlefield is one of the war games which contain unique features than the other war games. But, survival in the game is a bit difficult. For surviving longer in the game, some of the tips have been discussed above, which are Use vehicles for your benefit, Work together with any companion, Complete your objectives in the game, Spot the enemy accurately, Watch your corners and Make use of cheats and hacks when needed.

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